Microblading 7 Pin Blade

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Microblading 7 Pin Blade (20pcs)

Microblading 7 Pin Blade -  this blade is used to create the finest, natural-looking eyebrow hairs. Due to its size, this blade is perfect for drawing curvy hairs and passing twice over same hair accurately. Often technicians use this blade to create natural looking thinner and shorter hairs on top of the brow and at its end. When used with Eye Design's microblading pen, it allows to secure the attachment of the blade and provides full control of the tool. This blade is 3 times thinner than regular permanent makeup needles, therefore procedure creates less discomfort. This blade consists of 7 super- fine, single needles arranged closely in 1 row. Microblading 7 Pin blade - is an essential size in eyebrow embroidery technique and mixing it with with other blades helps dramatically to create “real eyebrow effect”. One-time use, disposable blade. Sterile packaged.

  • 7 ultra-thin needles in 1 row
  • set of 20 individually packed blades
  • one-time use, disposable
  • sterile packaged
  • 3 times thinner than regular tattoo needle
  • used to create short hair strokes
  • perfect to draw ultra thin hairs
  • recommended for drawing curved hair strokes
  • may be used to go over same hair twice accurately
  • great for drawing top brow hairs & creating natural looking eyebrow

Please note that ALL DESCRIPTIONS are only applicable to Eye Design's products. Other suppliers might have the same blade name and measurements but deliver a different effect, thickness and length.  

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