STERILIZED Triple Manual Microblading Pen

Universal pen, good for different needles, double flat needles, round needles, regular needles. Different manual method techniques. Middle is for round needles. Criss cross is for regular needle.

This pink and black microblading pen is universal, and can be used with any type of needle. One side of the pen unscrews to reveal a third hidden pen, which can be used mid-procedure, saving you time and money on another tool. This pen suits double flat needles, round needles, as well as U-shaped needles. There are many different manual techniques that are made possible with this pen. As well as being able to use this for microblading and the recreation of hairstrokes, this is also a tool which can be used for Shadow/Powder effect. This makes it easy to switch from microblading to shadow effect without skipping a beat. With this pen, there is no need to purchase multiple manual tools. Eye Design products are quite durable, however we strongly recommend you do not re-use this pen on clients, although it is reusable on faux skin for honing and revising techniques.