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Eye Design’s Super Adhesive was designed to make the lash extension process easier and quicker.


  • Drying time of 0.5 – 1 second
  • Attachments last up to seven weeks
  • Black in color, elastic
  • Two-to-three drops per full set 

Eye Design’s Super Adhesive comes in one size (5ML) and is recommended for mid-level to advanced lash artists only. Note: This adhesive should not be used on clients with allergies.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available upon request. 

Usage & Storage Information

For long-lasting, positive results we recommend following a few rules:

  • Store in a space with 50 to 70 percent humidity, max temperature 72 degrees Fahrenheit
  • New, unopened bottles should be stored in the fridge (do not refrigerate bottles that have been opened)
  • Do not use an adhesive that’s been stored for more than three months
  • Do not lift your client’s eyelids with tape when using this adhesive. Your client’s eyes should be completely closed


A few pointers on how to use Eye Design Adhesives:

  • Shake well before opening
  • Once opened, squirt a few drops on a paper towel (we do not recommend using the first drop after shaking)
  • Refresh the glue every 20 minutes; avoid mixing new glue drops with old glue drops
  • Place new drops at least one inch apart
  • Our adhesives are quick-drying, so we recommend dipping the lash in the center of the drop instead of on its side
  • Change your glue frequently (every four to five weeks, if possible)
  • Do not use the adhesive if it’s been open for more than 10 weeks

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