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Eye Design's Espresso NanoBlading Pigment: The Perfect Choice for Dark Skin and Hair

Discover the perfect nanoblading pigment for clients with dark skin and dark hair eyebrows. Eye Design's Espresso color pigment is ideal for those who are a 5 or 6 on the Fitzpatrick Scale and provides rich, high-quality color that stays fluid throughout the nanoblading process. Made with natural ingredients, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free, this mineral-based formula is versatile for any skin type and made in the USA with FDA-approved ingredients. Choose Eye Design New York® for your next nanoblading project.

Dark Chocolate NanoBlading Pigment by Eye Design

Enhance your NanoBlading skills with Eye Design's Dark Chocolate Pigment. Designed for yellow-olive undertones and dark hair, this pigment provides a rich and natural look. Made in the USA with FDA-approved ingredients and hypoallergenic, this pigment is a must-have for any NanoBlading artist. Order now and take your skills to the next level!

Coffee NanoBlading Pigment by Eye Design: The Universal Color for Neutral Eyebrows

Get the natural, neutral look your clients desire with Eye Design's Coffee NanoBlading Pigment. As a universal color, this pigment is perfect for dark blonde, brunette, and black hair and light skin. The rich and consistent color, hypoallergenic mineral-based formula, and easy-to-use tube packaging make this pigment a must-have for any NanoBlading artist. Made in the USA with FDA-approved ingredients, this versatile and long-lasting pigment is sure to impress.

Chocolate NanoBlading Pigment by Eye Design

Eye Design's Chocolate NanoBlading Pigment is the perfect solution for those seeking a warmer, natural look for their eyebrows. As a universal color, it is suitable for those with skin types 3-5 on the Fitzpatrick Scale. The rich and consistent color, hypoallergenic mineral-based formula, and easy-to-use tube packaging make this pigment a must-have for any NanoBlading artist. Made in the USA with FDA-approved ingredients, this versatile and long-lasting pigment is sure to impress. Get your Chocolate NanoBlading Pigment today and enhance your NanoBlading skills!

#6 Caramel NanoBlading Pigment by Eye Design - Perfect for Red/Blonde Hair and Fair Skin

Get the perfect red/blonde eyebrow shade with Eye Design's #6 Caramel NanoBlading Pigment. With a rich and natural color, our mineral-based formula is perfect for NanoBlading. The fluid formula ensures no drying out during the process and the tube packaging prevents waste. Suitable for all skin types and made in the USA with FDA-approved ingredients, our pigments are hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. Order now for the best in NanoBlading artistry.

Eye Design's Cappuccino Nanoblading Pigment: The Perfect Shade for Your Clients

Get the perfect shade for blondes and dark brunettes with pinkish skin with Eye Design's Cappuccino NanoBlading Pigment. Our mineral-based formula produces crisp and long-lasting hair strokes and is suitable for all skin types. Made in the USA with FDA-approved ingredients, our pigments are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and safe for use. Enhance your NanoBlading artistry with Eye Design's Cappuccino NanoBlading Pigment.

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Elevate your client experience with Eye Design's Golden Tweezers

Give your clients the luxurious care they deserve when you opt for Eye Design's top-notch Golden Tweezers! Wholesale discounts and worldwide shipping are available daily.

Lip Permanent Makeup Pigment Cosmetic Tattoo Ink finally arrived!

LIP Permanent Makeup Pigments for Lip blushing

The students at this week’s Permanent Makeup Masterclass were among the first to try Eye Design’s beautiful Lip Pigments. While our team has been using them to create amazing and transformative results for our clients, we are excited for the upcoming launch of all six shades of our Lip Pigments for online shoppers everywhere! Available soon.

The best disposable supplies to keep your beauty studio sanitary

Getting the job done in a sterile environment is now easier than ever with Eye Design's range of disposable tools and products! We offer fast, affordable shipping and amazing wholesale discounts every single day.

This is what makes our Microblading Pigments a best-selling formula

For beautiful, long-lasting results, get your hands on Eye Design's ultra-luxe Microblading Pigments! Permanent makeup artists around the world can enjoy our fast shipping and everyday affordable prices.

Treat yourself to a gift from Eye Design's online store

Find the right tools and supplies for all of your lash, brow and permanent makeup needs right here at Eye Design New York. Our team offers carefully selected professional products at everyday affordable rates and we are proud to ship worldwide!

Beautiful brows are the ultimate gift to give this holiday season

Give those closest to you the gift of show-stopping brows this year with Eye Design's latest product launches. Our luxury formulas are enveloped in posh packaging, so the entire Eye Design team promises your friends and family will love our new brow makeup as much as we do!

The only two products you need for flawless brows

Are you ready for beautiful brows, no permanent makeup necessary? Eye Design New York has everything you need to create photo-ready results from home or on the go. Learn more about our growing makeup line.

It's finally here: Brow Concealer by Eye Design New York

After months of hype on Instagram and YouTube, Eye Design’s coveted Brow Concealer is available now! Learn more about our new product, including formula facts and tips for goofproof application.

Try Eye Design's luxe Brow Pencil at our studio!

Get your hands on the industry's newest luxury brow formula when you visit our Fifth Avenue studio. Swatch all three shades and choose the one that works best for you, only at Eye Design New York.

These four eyebrow blades are on sale now!

Create beautiful brows for your clients with Eye Design's blades for microblading and Powder Effect (micro-shading). Our tools are suitable for beginners and advanced artists alike, so keep reading to discover our high-quality and affordable options!

Nadia Afanaseva explains how to use the darkest Microblading Pigments

Microblading and permanent makeup artists know that in addition to fine-tuning their skills, they should invest in the highest-quality products for the best results. Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva developed her premium pigments with this in mind! Keep scrolling to read Nadia's must-know tips and tricks for working with the darkest pigment shades.

Become a permanent makeup master with our must-have machine tool

It’s time to give your clients the amazing results they deserve! Eye Design’s Digital Pen for permanent makeup is easy to use for artists of all levels--even beginners. Get to know why our team loves this tool + how you can use it to create flawless brows, eyeliner and lips.

Save on Pigments with our Microblading Pigment Kit!

High-performance products are the key to success as a permanent makeup artist! If you offer microblading on your list of services, it is time to invest in the best quality Pigments on the market! Eye Design's Microblading Pigments are available in 6 beautiful base shades + 4 must-have correction colors.

The all-natural Elixir for fuller, healthier brows

Treat yourself or your clients to Eye Design's ultimate aftercare product for microbladed brows! It has everything you need for healthy skin and beautiful results. Keep reading to learn all the reasons why our team and our clients love Eyebrow Elixir.

These 5 must-have products are ON SALE at Eye Design! Part 2

Have you ever checked out our sale section? It is the best place to find top-quality professional products for the industry’s lowest prices! Eye Design regularly adds tools and supplies for microblading, semi-permanent makeup and lash extensions to our sale section, available to shop 24/7 with fast and affordable shipping.

These 5 must-have products are ON SALE at Eye Design!

Now is your chance to shop Eye Design’s luxurious products for beauty professionals at a discounted rate! Our sale section is open 24/7 and currently includes tools and supplies for microblading, semi-permanent makeup and eyelash extensions.

Get your hands on Eye Design's luxe Eyebrow Pencil

Toss your brow powders and pomades aside, because Eye Design’s new Brow Pencil is the easiest and most effective way to create beautiful brows at home! Developed by our founder and Master Tech Nadia Afanaseva, our wax-based formula is one of a kind.

Meet Eye Design's premium adhesives for lash extensions

Lash artists always have options when they choose to shop with Eye Design! Read up on our range of high-quality adhesives, available exclusively on (Shop 24/7 with speedy worldwide shipping!)

Russian Volume made easy with Eye Design's pre-made fans

Are you a budding lash artist? Conquer Russian Volume with Eye Design’s pre-made volume fans! Our high-quality, hypoallergenic lash extensions are available in a variety of curls, thicknesses and dimensions to suit all of your needs.

International shipping in just TWO DAYS with Eye Design!

We want to bring our premium and affordable products to beauty professionals everywhere! That is why offers fast international shipping with DHL.

Stock-up on Eye Design's NEW Brow Pencils!

Eye Design’s luxe Eyebrow Pencils are available NOW, exclusively through our online store! Learn everything you need to know about Nadia Afanaseva’s revolutionary formula and shop all three shades today.

Give your clients beautiful lashes with Eye Design

Whether you are a Classic or a Volume lash artist, you and your clients can benefit from Eye Design’s selection of professional products. Learn how you can shop and save with us online 24/7!

Eye Design's must-have Eyebrow Pencils are HERE!

Eyebrows will never be the same after Eye Design's NEW Brow Pencil, developed by our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, the industry's leading brow expert. Now, your clients can enjoy beautiful results without the commitment of microblading or semi-permanent makeup!

Which Powder Effect Pigment is right for my client?

Brow master Nadia Afanaseva developed a range of premium pigments for microblading and semi-permanent makeup. Enter: the foolproof guide to Eye Design’s Powder Effect Pigments for eyebrow artists.

Luxe Eyebrow Pencils are coming soon!

Meet the eyebrow pencil of your dreams! Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva worked hard to develop our luxe Brow Pencil and we are excited to share it with makeup-lovers and artists across the world.

Love our products? Learn our techniques!

Beauty professionals worldwide love Eye Design’s top-quality tools and supplies. Did you know you could also learn techniques straight from our New York City studio? For more information, keep reading!

Use Eye Design's premium lash extensions for stunning BOTTOM LASHES!

If you are an experienced lash artist, the experts at Eye Design encourage you to expand your skills by trying lower lash extensions! You can feel confident that you are giving your clients the best when you choose professional tools and supplies developed by our studio’s masters.

Meet all of Eye Design's premium pigments

As an eyebrow artist, high-quality pigments are essential, but it can be hard to find one that lives up to your standards. Eye Design founder and Master Tech Nadia experienced the same dilemma--so, she developed her own to share with you!