Who is it for?

  • Beginner
  • Practicing
  • Permanent
    Makeup Pro

For Beginners: We start with the basics and provide fundamental teachings and information that benefits every student.

For PracticingTechnicians and Experts: Upgrade the level of your skills with Nadia’s custom techniques, or add a brand new skill to your list of services. Network with other professionals and perfect your mastery of lash extensions.

YOu` ll learn:

  • Classic Lash Extensions: 1D to 2D
  • Original Russian Volume: 2D to 8D training
  • 5 methods of applying Kim’s Effect Lash Extensions
  • Kim’s Effect for Asian eyes
  • Mixing black + brown lashes for Kim’s Effect
  • More than 20 ways to style Kim’s Effect and other Volume sets
  • Different effects: Cat, Doll, Round + more!
  • Layering techniques
  • Transition techniques
  • Working with lash rows
  • Proper application for thin and sparse lashes
  • Mixing different curls
  • Combination of thicknesses
  • Length variations
  • Lower lash application
  • Removal techniques
  • Refills
  • Correct adhesive handling
  • Secrets of long lash wearing

Potential Eyelash Extensions specialist income — from Beginner to Master:

Touch-up Clients
per day
Monthly Yearly
Begginer Less than
1 year
250$ 150$
12 000$
144 000$
Master 1-3 years 300$ 200$
20 000$
240 000$
Expert More than
3 years
500$ 300$
32 000$
384 000$
Your experience
Less than a year
Less than a year
Less than a year
Clients per day
Initial procedure cost
Touch-up cost
Monthly earnings
9 000$
32 000$
78 000$
Yearly earnings
108 000$
384 000$
936 000$

Some of Our Success Stories

Our students don't just learn technical Microblading skills, but they also gain the Business and Marketing skills needed in order to build their very own brand, and open or grow their business in the Beauty Industry!

Be your own boss!

Why take the Volume Eyelash Extensions class from Eye Design?

  • Students from all over the world

    For 4 years running, we have trained and equipped more than 5,000 students to become successful beauty professionals!

  • Unlimited Training Courses

    If you’re not entirely satisfied with your skill level after the class, we’ll allow you to retake the class again – absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

  • FREE Professional Eyelash Extensions Kit

    Valued at $300 and can be used on up to 50 future clients!

    Learn more
  • A Lifetime of Support

    Once you join our Eye Design family, all students are eligible to receive continuous feedback for life from their instructors; facilitating consistent progression in your Eyelash Extension skills!

  • Personal trainer

    You will be mentored directly by Nadia Afanaseva, founder and Lash Extensions Master, who has performed over 12,000 client procedures!

  • Globally Accredited Certification

    Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from the world-class beauty brand based in Manhattan, Eye Design New York — an internationally recognized and accepted accreditation!

  • Practice on Live Models

    Get the opportunity to practice on 2 Live Models provided for you in the class!

  • Exclusive Discounts on Lash Extension Supplies

    Eye Design offers all students up to a 20% discount on all supplies and products they need!
    0$> 10%, >500$ 15%, > 1000$ 20%

  • Enjoy Benefits on Other Eye Design Classes

    If you sign up for any other Eye Design classes you will receive an exclusive 10% discount!

meet with our your personal trainer

Nadia Afanaseva

Founder & CEO Eye Design New York
1 709
404 K.
  • More than 10 years in beauty industry
  • Founder of 2 pmu and lash extensions studios, university and professional store
  • Taught more than 5,000 students in Eye Design University
  • Increased her profits from $0 to $1m in just 3 years!
  • Went from unknown IG page to celebrity verified check sign

learn from industry champions

  • 2011WINNER of first world competition on lash extensions in Russia, St. Petersburg
  • 2012CREATOR of the world-known lash extensions set, KIM’S EFFECT
  • 2013WINNER of 2 first places in the international competition in Moscow on Volume Extensions
  • 2014JUDGE at the first American lash extensions competition in Chicago
  • 2015JUDGE at the second American lash extensions competition in New York

Class Agenda

Day #1:
  • 10am - 12pm
    • Setting up your workspace
    • What are Volume Lash Extensions?
    • Benefits of Volume Lash Extensions
    • Meeting a client: The Consultation process
    • Effects: Cat, Round, Fox, Doll etc.
    • Lash thickness, length, and curl
    • Eye and eyelash anatomy and physiology
    • Types of eyelids
    • Correct lash placement
    • Required tools and supplies
    • Disinfection and sterilization
    • Proper assessment of a client’s eye health prior to Eyelash Extensions application
    • Environmental factors and ideal settings for Eyelash Extensions application
    • Sanitation and hygiene regulations for the Lash Extensions process
  • 12pm - 1pm
    • Lunch
  • 1pm - 3pm
    • Classic Natural sets (1D-2D)
    • Volume sets (2D-8D)
    • Distance and bonding
    • Fan techniques
    • Random lash placement
    • Consistent lash placement
    • Transitions
    • Volume layering techniques
    • Lower lashes
    • Learn effects and styles that will cater to each individual client
    • How to make recommendations to your clients based on their natural eyelashes, eye area, and general health
    • How to select and customize looks based on a client’s physical attributes and lifestyle
    • Refills and touch-ups
    • Common eye diseases and allergies
    • Mannequin practice utilizing different Lash Extension types, diameters, curvatures, and lengths
  • 3pm - 6pm
    • Complete 1 full lash application of a Classic Natural set (1D-2D) under the supervision and guidance of your instructor
Day #2:
  • 10am - 12pm
    • The difference between Russian Volume, Kim’s Effect and Modern Lash Style
    • What is Kim’s Effect?
    • History of Kim’s Effect
    • The original Kim’s Effect technique
    • Pros and Cons of Kim’s Effect
    • How to create Kim’s Effect
    • Lash rows
    • Modern Look
    • Benefits of Modern Look
    • How to create Modern Look
    • Delicate Look
    • Benefits of Delicate Look
    • How to create Delicate Look
    • Airy Look
    • Benefits of Airy Look
    • How to create Airy Look
    • Kylie Look
    • Benefits of Kylie Look
    • How to create Kylie Look
    • Fluttery Look
    • Benefits of Fluttery Look
    • How to create Fluttery Look
    • Effects: Natural, Cat Eye, Doll, Honey Bee, Dramatic, Fox, Bambi, Sexi, New Queen
  • 12pm - 1pm
    • Lunch
  • 1pm - 6pm
    • Complete 1 full lash application of a Volume set under the supervision and guidance of your instructor
  • 6pm - 7pm
    • Certification
    • Cocktails
    • Photoshoot
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Internationally Recognized Certification

You’ll be awarded an exclusive certificate from Eye Design — a prestigiously acclaimed beauty school and studio based in Manhattan, New York.

We’ve Happily Served More than 5,000 students over the past 5 years Register now

FREE Eye Design
Eyelash Extensions Professional Kit:

The total kit is valued at $300, and it can be used on up to 50 of your prospective clients!

  • $ 15.00
    Lash Extension Primer to prepare lashes for extensions and assure the best adhesion
  • $ 20.00
    Lash Extension Cream Remover to remove existing lashes before applying a new set
  • $ 40.00
    Platinum Lash Adhesive for the lashes to stay on for up to 4-6 weeks 5ML
  • $ 12.00
    Medical Grade Microfoam Tape to lift up the eyelids and see the natural lashes better
  • $ 15.00
    Straight Tweezers with satin finish to divide natural lashes while doing extensions
  • $ 15.00
    C-Shaped Tweezers with satin finish to pick up lash extensions
  • $ 15.00
    L-Shaped Tweezers with satin finish to pick up lash extensions
  • $ 6.99
    Glue Rings 1pkg
  • $ 5.99
    Mascara brushes 1pkg
  • $ 5.99
    Micro Brushes 1pkg
  • $ 5.99
    Lipstick wands 1pkg
  • $ 12.00
    Eyepatches 1pkg

More Bonuses

  • Bonus #1:
    Detailed checklists on how to set up your Business account on Instagram
    $ 0.00
  • Bonus #2:
    Get insider insights on how to build a highly successful business
    $ 0.00
  • Bonus #3:
    Detailed checklist on how to take mind-blowing pictures for Instagram
    $ 0.00
  • Bonus #4:
    Detailed PDF instructions on how to become a successful Eyelash Extensions Master
    $ 0.00

Photos of our Masterclass


Yes Man Vice
James Charles
Sandra Oh
Sonja Morgan
Clara Pennington
Sasha Meneghel
LL Cool J's Family
Aino Jawo
Simone I. Smith
LL Cool J's Family
Magic Johnson's family
Yulia Zogoruychenko

We receive students from all over the world!

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  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • USA
  • Hungary
  • UK
  • South Africa
  • Italy
  • Brasil
  • Pouerto Rico
  • New York
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  • Washington
  • Arkansas
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  • Do I need experience to take the class?
    No previous experience is needed. This class is perfect for beginners as we start from the very basics: Classic Natural set, and then move forward to Volume and Kim’s Effect extensions.
  • How many students are there per class?
    We keep our classes small to provide each student with individual attention. Our classes are between 4-8 people.
  • What if I do not feel confident after the class?
    While we equip you with all the skills and knowledge required to begin practicing on your own, you can always reach out to us for support; or even retake the same class at no additional cost!
  • Is a license required?
    No license is required in order to take the class; but you might need to obtain a cosmetology or esthetician license in your state to be able to legally practice lash extensions on your own.
  • Are there any prerequisites to take the class?
    No, there are no prior requirements to take the class.
  • Do you have beginner classes?
    This class is perfect for beginners!
  • Do you have advanced classes?
    This class is a combination of basic and advanced techniques; therefore lash professionals of all levels will find it both valuable and interesting.
  • Do I need to bring my own model?
    No, models are provided to you by us.
  • Do you provide supplies?
    Yes, we provide all the supplies you need for the class.
  • Do you provide a Lash Extensions kit?
    Yes, we provide an extensive kit with supplies that you can use long after the class is over — enough to serve over 50 future clients!
  • How many instructors are there per class?
    Based on the number of students in the class, we have additional instructors.
  • Where is the class?
    The class is located at 26 West Forest Ave, Englewood, NJ.
  • Do you provide transportation for the class?
    Yes, we provide a complimentary shuttle from Manhattan to Englewood (and back) if requested.
  • Do you provide lunch or breakfast?
    Absolutely! Eye Design provides breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks at every class!
  • Will I learn Volume Extensions?
    Yes, we will start with the Classic and move on to Volume on the second day.
  • What if I am not ready to work on a model?
    Don’t worry — the instructor will be there to guide and navigate you throughout the entire process!

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