Artificial Skin for Microblading

Artificial Skin for Microblading

Artificial Microblading skin is ideal for beginners and advanced microblading artists.

 Eye Design New York developed special microblading artificial skin which makes microblading training easier. We believe that if you consistently practice everyday, you will gain experience quicker while improving your technique. 

Based on our experience, we recommend that you practice on different sections of the brows separately. 

Eye Design makes that possible by preparing three different artificial skins for microblading, which are beginning of the brows, the top and bottom outlines, and full eyebrows.

The beginning of the eyebrows are the most important when practicing your microblading technique. Because the beginning of the eyebrows are more sparse, one small mistake can ruin your desired brow look. This is crucial for people who are not experienced with microblading. Using Eye Design’s artificial skin you will learn how to practice different lengths and directions of hair strokes.

Our advanced drawing pattern will make your work easier because you will fill not only the outlines but the middle part of the brows as well. By practicing on the top and bottom outlines you will learn how to create a “Layering Technique”.


The last artificial skin is for filling out the whole eyebrow. We don’t recommend practicing on full eyebrows first if you didn’t practice on the previous skins. This will be the final skin to perfect your microblading technique. Using this skin, you can focus on practicing on the middle part of the brows.

To make your brows more vivid on the artificial skin, we recommend using Eye Design’s Pigment in Espresso. Eye Design wishes you the best of luck on your microblading practices and hope you get satisfying results in your technique! 

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Nicole April 22 2019

I can’t seem to easily remove the extra pigment with a wipe , i’ve even tried fingernail polish remover and it’s a mess But on YouTube videos it shows them just wiping the extra pigment leaving behind the strokes, how do I make that happen LOL

Elsie Diaz January 12 2018

where can i purchase your practice skin?

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