Lip Permanent Makeup Pigment Cosmetic Tattoo Ink finally arrived!

Lip Permanent Makeup Pigment Cosmetic Tattoo Ink finally arrived!

While the studio team at Eye Design has been using our Lip Permanent Makeup Pigments on clients for nearly a year, they are not available to clients -- yet! Eye Design University’s first-ever Permanent Makeup Masterclass just wrapped up and the students were able to try our Lip Pigments and inks themselves.

Lip Permanent Makeup Pigment Development

Those familiar with our studio, our services and -- of course -- our products know that Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva worked hard to develop her mineral-based Microblading and Permanent Makeup Powder Effect Pigments. Since our studio has offered permanent lip makeup cosmetic services for a number of years now, it was only a matter of time before Nadia went back to the lab to formulate equally beautifully Lip Pigments alongside top manufacturers in the industry. (And yes, Eye Design’s Lip Pigments are mineral-based, as well.)

Lip Permanent Cosmetic inks Ingredients: 

In addition to their mineral-based formula, our Lip Pigments contain organic ingredients. They are hypoallergenic and safe for the skin and mouth. The water-like consistency absorbs into the skin more easily during permanent/semi-permanent makeup techniques, and was developed especially for the lips. All shades in our range produce saturated, long-lasting results.

How to use Lip Permanent Makeup pigments?

Our Lip Pigments can be applied with a machine tool or with a manual tool. They are the same Pigments used by Eye Design technicians at our New York City studio every day and are available exclusively at Eye Design. Pigments can be mixed to create custom shades.

Much like her Microblading and Powder Effect Pigments, Nadia chose six shades for our range of Lip Pigments. While we named our Microblading Pigments after our favorite cafe treats (Caramel, Cappuccino, Coffee, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Espresso) and our Powder Effect Pigments after nature’s most beautiful crystals (Taupe Sand, Tiger’s Eye, Burnt Umber, Brown Diamond, Smoked Topaz, Rich Onyx), we decided to name our Lip Pigments after the finest wines!

Meet Eye Design’s Lip Pigments: Tavel, Rosé, Sangria, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Vin Santo!

Just like our Microblading Pigments, our Lip Pigments will be launching in a set of six. Buy your favorites individually, or stock-up on the entire set. The variety of stunning shades includes both a nude brown or pink, as well as bold red or berry, for every skin tone. All can be applied as subtly or as bold as you and your clients choose!

Most makeup lovers know that traditional lipstick is buildable; we can apply it in layers, depending on whether we want sheer coverage or intense color payoff. Eye Design’s permanent Lip Pigments work the same way. Technicians can add more or fewer layers to create any looks that their clients want.

Similarly, clients can choose to add a stronger, more defined outline to accentuate the lips’ shape. This makes lips look more youthful while giving the client a gorgeous, freshly applied makeup look -- without the need for real makeup! 

Traditional lipsticks smudge, feather and fade throughout the day. Eye Design’s permanent lip makeup never smudges. Instead, it fades naturally over time. It never turns blue/gray or ashy, unlike the permanent makeup of previous generations. 

Eye Design’s permanent lip makeup is for a new generation of women. Today’s women are busier than ever, and while we love makeup, we do not have as much time to deal with the hassle. Thanks to our revolutionary technique, women can wear their favorite lip color every day without any effort. Those who choose permanent lip makeup will wake up each morning and go to sleep every night with a designer color and a customized shape.

When the collection is available for purchase, it will be available right here on BUY LIP PIGMENTS -- and we will be sure to share the launch on Instagram! Stay tuned for updates.

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