Meet Eye Design's Powder Effect Pigments

After months of developing, testing and hinting at our first-ever Powder Effect Pigments, beauty professionals worldwide can soon shop the entire range on! We are proud to offer top-quality products at affordable prices (and ship them globally). You can browse our site and purchase your favorite tools and supplies 24/7! It is an easy and convenient way to keep your workspace stocked.  

Much like our most-loved Microblading Pigments, we are launching our Powder Effect Pigments in a collection of six designer colors. Instead of delicious cafe treats (like Cappuccino and Chocolate), we decided to name this new group after precious crystals, gemstones and other beautiful nature-made rarities. (Brown Diamond, anyone?)

Eye Design’s Powder Effect Pigments are mineral-based and contain organic ingredients. They are hypoallergenic and safe for the skin and eyes. Unlike Eye Design’s Microblading Pigments, Powder Effect Pigments have a water-like texture, these pigments were developed specifically for the microshading technique (which means you will no longer need to add distilled water or Pigment Thinner to your Microblading Pigments).

The thin consistency helps pigment absorb into the skin more easily during the Powder/Shadow Effect procedure. All shades in our range produce saturated, long-lasting results you and your clients will love!

Our Powder Effect Pigments can be applied with a machine tool or with a manual tool. They are the same Pigments used by Eye Design technicians at our New York City studio every day and are available exclusively at Eye Design. Pigments can be mixed to create custom shades for every unique client!

The technicians at Eye Design tested these pigments on artificial skin, models and finally, real clients--we could not be more thrilled with the outcome. Have you seen the results on our Instagram feed? Thumb through @nadia_afanaseva for examples of all the shades in action.

If you are ready to meet them for yourself, keep scrolling for information on everything from Taupe Sand to Onyx. Our Microblading Pigment collection is complete with a shade to flatter every skin tone and undertone; you already know the new Powder Effect range works the same way.

Because Powder is an effective way to correct old microblading or permanent/semi-permanent makeup (without the need for laser removal), Eye Design’s Powder Effect Pigments also have specific undertones and/or base shades necessary.

Experienced technicians know that pin-dot pigment application can cover previous hair-stroke eyebrow tattoos that have faded over time. Clients may come to you with unnatural discoloration from a different studio. For example, inexperienced studios tend to have results that turn blue/gray or ashy after the healing process, while certain skin tones and undertones can cause pigments to change under the skin.

When a quality pigment is applied properly, beautiful natural-looking results should last an average of 12 to 18 months. Eye Design is proud to give out clients brows that fade naturally over time without turning ashy. It is all thanks to our careful techniques and revolutionary pigments!

Taupe Sand

Taupe Sand is a light pigment suitable for pale skin that has cool undertones. Our lightest shade is also the best option for clients with gray hair. This shade has an olive base to help mask old microblading or permanent/semi-permanent makeup that has turned red.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye works best for light skin that has neutral undertones, however, it can sometimes heal with a warm undertone, especially on thin skin.

Burnt Umber

Burnt Umber is a warm pigment with an orange base for light to medium skin with warm undertones. Use it to mask old microblading or permanent/semi-permanent makeup that has turned green.

Smoked Topaz

Smoked Topaz is a yellow-based pigment for light to medium skin. It works for all undertones, and can also be used to mask old microblading or permanent/semi-permanent makeup that has turned blue.

If many clients come to you for corrections, you definitely want to keep this shade on-hand at all times. Blue/gray or ashy brows are one of the most common mistakes in the semi-permanent beauty industry.

Brown Diamond

Brown Diamond is for dark to deep skin tones that have warm, neutral or cool undertones. This shade is universally flattering on clients of a variety of ethnic backgrounds.


Onyx is for dark to deep skin tones. It heals with a cool undertone and mixes beautifully with Burnt Umber.

Which Powder Effect Pigments will you try first? Click here to shop the entire range as soon as it launches!

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