Accomodate even the most sensitive clients with our special formula adhesive

Eye Design’s treatments are truly right for everyone. That is why we work hard to develop techniques and tools to help women and men from all walks of life feel their best! Microblading, semi-permanent makeup and lash extensions exist to make life easier for all, including those who are extra sensitive.

Our team understands that some clients may have sensitive skin, and that is why founder and Master Tech Nadia Afanaseva formulated her range of hypoallergenic mineral-based Microblading Pigments. The color payoff is rich and fade-resistant, while the formula is safe for all skin types.

Accommodating those with sensitive skin is also, in part, why we love the Powder Effect so much here at Eye Design. Not only does this brow treatment produce beautiful results, it tends to be more gentle on the skin than microblading. (Although none of our microblading clients feel severe discomfort during or after the treatment. In fact, many tend to fall asleep while our technicians are hard at work!)

To accommodate those that have super-watery or easily irritated eyes, or those that are prone to allergies, we also offer our own Sensitive Adhesive for eyelash extensions.

With a drying time of 1 to 2 seconds, this formula is extremely elastic and black in color--making it just as easy to work with as the other adhesives in our collection. It also creates a strong bond between the natural lash and the lash extension that lasts up to 5 weeks. (Many non-sensitive formulas on the market fail to last even half that long!)

Your most sensitive lash extension clients will obsess over the strong, long-lasting attachment that this adhesive provides. But more importantly, they will love that they never have to sacrifice comfort for red carpet-worthy lashes again.

If you don’t already stock your shelves with Eye Design’s Sensitive Adhesive, we encourage you to visit our online store and see for yourself what makes this formula so great. Then, let all clients and potential clients know that your studio is equipped to take on the most sensitive skin and eyes of the bunch!

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