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Have you ever checked out our sale section? It is the best place to find top-quality professional products for the industry’s lowest prices! Eye Design regularly adds tools and supplies for microblading, semi-permanent makeup and lash extensions to our sale section, available to shop 24/7 with fast and affordable shipping.

These 5 must-have products are ON SALE at Eye Design!

Now is your chance to shop Eye Design’s luxurious products for beauty professionals at a discounted rate! Our sale section is open 24/7 and currently includes tools and supplies for microblading, semi-permanent makeup and eyelash extensions.

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Are you a budding lash artist? Conquer Russian Volume with Eye Design’s pre-made volume fans! Our high-quality, hypoallergenic lash extensions are available in a variety of curls, thicknesses and dimensions to suit all of your needs.

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Beauty professionals worldwide love Eye Design’s top-quality tools and supplies. Did you know you could also learn techniques straight from our New York City studio? For more information, keep reading!

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If you are an experienced lash artist, the experts at Eye Design encourage you to expand your skills by trying lower lash extensions! You can feel confident that you are giving your clients the best when you choose professional tools and supplies developed by our studio’s masters.

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Giving your clients a fabulous experience is easy when you treat them with the best beauty supplies from Eye Design. Keep reading to discover how our top-quality Lash Removers can enhance the treatments you offer your clients.

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Eye Design’s online store has several key products to keep you and your clients safe. All the protective gear you need is affordable, easy-to-use and disposable. (Plus, we ship worldwide!)

Cream Remover vs. Gel Remover: Which one should I choose?

Removers for eyelash extensions are a necessity for any lash artist! Eye Design offers two options that will help you handle any situation. Whether your client has one or two lashes leftover from a previous set, or nearly an entire set that was only for a special occasion, you can remove all extensions quickly, easily and safely.

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There is always a new way to save on Eye Design’s online store! We recently overhauled our shipping methods to provide the best quality products to our customers more inexpensively (and more quickly!) than ever.

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Although you may already know about our wholesale discounts, special pricing for Eye Design University graduates and holiday promotions, there is another way to save you may not know about! Learn more about Eye Design’s rewards program.

Nanoblading new trend on Instagram, nanobrows before and after

Eye Design’s NEW Nanoblading and powder Effect Pigments have been plastered all over our Instagram--did you notice? Our team has been using them on clients for months now, and we love sharing the results with you!

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Not only do clients want beautiful brows, they want a clean and safe experience! Put your clients at ease with Eye Design’s Barrier Film, hand-picked by our technicians to protect you and your clients from bacteria and bloodborne pathogens. Exceptional hygiene is a must no matter what type of beautiful professional you are!

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As a beauty professional, one way to instantly elevate your clients’ experience is to provide the highest quality products available. Eye Design’s Royal Silk eyelash extensions are a great option for lash technicians everywhere! Click ‘READ MORE’ to learn what makes our luxury collection so special.

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How could such a little tool be so helpful? Eye Design’s pre-made volume fans do the impossible! Lash artists and beauty professionals everywhere should know exactly how our pre-made volume fans work. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Flocked Applicators: The ideal shape for versatility

Eye Design’s Flocked Applicators are perhaps the most versatile little tools we keep in our studio. With seemingly endless uses, our technicians are always finding new ways these so-called “Lipsticks” can help us out. How will you use them?

Every beauty professional needs this tool to achieve flawless results

Micro Brushes, a seemingly small tool, actually play a rather large role in the work our technicians do here at Eye Design. Want to know exactly how we use this multi-purpose tool? Keep reading!

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Want to save cash and still stock-up on everything you need to be a great eyelash technician? Of course you do! Discover Eye Design’s essential lash kits for premier products without the unnecessary price markups.

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Clients can be particular about their beauty treatments, especially when they are paying top dollar to receive them! Eye Design’s team of technicians wants everyone to enjoy the huge confidence boost our services can offer, so we added a few key tools to better serve those clients with sensitive skin and eyes. Meet our Sensitive Adhesive for eyelash extensions.

What customers have to say about our top 7 bestsellers

In addition to our exclusive techniques, we believe state-of-the-art products are necessary for creating fabulous results! That is why we want to share our tools, pigments and lash extensions with technicians everywhere. Is your favorite Eye Design product one of our bestsellers? Read on to find out.

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Curious about what makes our lash extensions the best in the business? You might want to stock up on Eye Design’s Primer for Lash Extensions; your clients will thank you.

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You don’t have to search far for the colored lash of your dreams! In addition to classic black, Eye Design is excited to offer 12 brightly hued lash extensions so you and your clients can rock even the boldest looks you desire.

Eye Design's Eyelash Extension Remover Cream is a must-have

Sick of messy or irritating liquid- or gel-based extension removers? We feel you! That’s why Eye Design formulated this gentle, yet effective Cream Remover. 

Trusted products that improve your natural lashes

Clients often ask if our lash extensions will harm their natural lashes; we’re determined to defy that stereotype with our unique product range. 

Rebranding Announcement NM Beauty in now Eye Design New York

Rebranding Announcement

We are excited to share some important news about our company’s evolution. On May 10th, we are rebranding as Eye Design New York Professional Beauty Supply Store to better align our name with the scope of services we provide. In today’s market it is essential to stay relevant and welcome opportunities to make progress. In the spirit of renovation, NM Beauty has done just that. Our company established a reputation as a reliable supplier of luxury professional products around the world.

Most Popular Eyelash Extensions Thickness, Length and Curl

Students often ask us what are the most popular eyelash extensions by thickness, length and curl...