Become a permanent makeup master with our must-have machine tool

Calling all permanent makeup artists! When your job is to give clients beautiful brows, eyeliner and lips, you need tools you can trust.

The experts at Eye Design’s Fifth Avenue studio, including our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, are constantly trying the latest tools. When we find the absolute best of the best, we feel that it is our duty to share that with other artists around the world!

Eye Design’s Powder Effect technique for brows, eyeliner techniques and semi-permanent lip makeup techniques all require a small machine tool. Here in our studio, we love our Digital Pen!

This lightweight tool is easy to use with a comfortable ergonomic design. For both your safety and your clients’ safety, the Digital Pen comes with EO gas-sterilized disposable needle cartridges and strong, transparent packaging. Eye Design recommends this tool for all technicians, including brand-new beginners!

Additionally, the disposable needle cartridge is suitable for various types of needles. Adjust the needle’s length by turning the built-in adjustment ring. Technicians can also turn the cartridge’s ring to adjust the amount of pigment applied under the client’s skin.

Our must-have Digital Pen has seven speeds and your current speed-in-use is always visible on the crystal-clear LED screen of the handpiece. The Digital Pen automatically pauses when it is placed on the on its stand, no buttons necessary!

It takes pigment into the disposable needle (once attached) and injects it under the first layer of skin (the epidermis). When it comes to machine tools, Eye Design strongly recommends using thin, watery pigments. Along with chemists and doctors, Nadia herself developed our Powder Effect Pigments, which are perfect for use with the Digital Pen. This beautiful formula is available in six stunning, natural-looking shades.

(However, if you prefer our original Microblading Pigments, our experts encourage you to mix in sterilized distilled water or (of course!) our Pigment Thinner. Full of skin-loving ingredients like glycerin, Pigment Thinner is the easiest way for artists to go from microblading to Powder Effect.)

For your convenience, Eye Design’s machine tool comes with a body (handpiece), a handpiece stand and an adapter. Our online store (open 24/7!) also carries Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridges.

Revo disposable needle cartridges are always EO sterilized. The state-of-the-art design allows the technician to adjust the flow of pigment through the cartridge. They are suitable for use with our Digital Pen and Digital Machine for permanent makeup.

Both beginners and experienced artists alike should practice using their machine tools regularly. Our technicians love working with artificial skin because it provides them with the most true-to-life experience!

Artificial skin allows artists more creative freedom than working with clients or models. They are free to experiment with new techniques without the fear of making mistakes or creating a look that the client/model does not like! Eye Design’s artificial skins are multipurpose and of premium quality. Choose from our range of pre-drawn brows and lips for beginners or stock-up on blank sheets for the ultimate skill test! Our artificial skins are safe to use with both manual and machine tools.

Become an expert in all things permanent makeup when you learn to use our Digital Pen machine tool! Click here to shop this tool 24/7 with fast and affordable shipping.

Click here to learn more about Eye Design’s permanent makeup classes for artists of all levels.

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