Dr. Numb will see you now: The perfect pre-procedure anesthetic

Your clients’ comfort and overall happiness should be your first priority! Our pre-procedure topical anesthetic is here to make that a reality. Meet Dr. Numb.

Eye Design’s go-to 5-percent Lidocaine formula (the highest Lidocaine level cleared by the Food & Drug Administration!) eases discomfort for microblading and permanent makeup clients topically and locally by blocking the nerves on the skin tissue where it is applied. It goes to work almost instantly.

Not only does this make the process more pleasant for the clients, it also helps you, the technician!

When your client is relaxed, she is less likely to move, allowing you to get the job done more flawlessly and efficiently. (While your client may be willing to temporarily sacrifice a little comfort for her dream brows or lips, Eye Design has the means to make the procedure as painless as possible.)

The average microblading appointment takes [ask], and we want our clients to be comfortable from beginning to end. That simply would not be possible without Dr. Numb, who outshines all other topical anesthetics on the market.

This safe and effective formula is safe to use on any client; it also contains Vitamin E to soothe any potential irritation, and it is dermatologist-tested and FDA-approved.

Dr. Numb is used by medical professionals for biopsy procedures, injections, minor surgeries and surgical stitches, making it the most-trusted name in topical, local anesthetics. Doctors, tattoo artists and aestheticians (like us!) alike love this fast-absorbing, long-lasting formula. In fact, Dr. Numb’s effects have proved to last three hours or more--perfect for microblading procedures.

We only use the best products on our clients, and Dr. Numb is no exception.

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