Every beauty professional needs this tool to achieve flawless results

Eye Design is a team of perfectionists in every sense of the word. We work hard to make sure everything from our studio to our results themselves surpasses even the highest standards in the business. Because of this, we have quite a few tools to help us along the way.

Founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva curated every single product on Eye Design’s online shop (and in some cases, she even designed them herself) to ensure all are state-of-the-art quality and perform better than any other options on the market.

With extreme attention to detail comes the need for a tool that allows our technicians to get into the smallest of spaces. The areas on which we work--i.e., brows, lashes and lips--are all tiny, so address details can be difficult without proper tools (and, of course, proper training).

When it comes to lashes, every single hair counts, whether it is a natural hair or an extension. During the lash extensions process, our technicians take the time to not only separate every lashes, but to make sure it is treated correctly.

One tool that always helps Eye Design techs get their clients’ lashes sorted? Micro Brushes, of course! Their tiny, yet extremely significant, design fits between every eyelash for perfect application and removal. These brushes are soft and gentle, so much like our extensions themselves, they never cause harm to the eyes or eyelashes.

Micro Brushes definitely help Eye Design techs coat each lash in primer and remover--without wasting any product. This tool safely cleans all liquid products around the eye area.  

Thanks to their unique shape, our Micro Brushes can reach the tightest corners and the littlest in-betweens. The option for a long and skinny vertical Micro Brush head, or a round Micro Brush head, allows you as a technician to decide which will work best for any given situation. This makes this multi-purpose, easy-to-use tool even more versatile and useful.

Other beauty professionals, such as makeup artists, may find Micro Brushes extremely helpful, as well! Keep them on-hand to perfect any and every makeup look you create.

We know you will love them as much as we do, and that means you might go through them quickly. But don’t worry--that is exactly why we offer them in packs of 100! Trust us: You totally need to pick-up a pack next time you order from us! Click here to shop Eye Design’s online store.

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