Flocked Applicators: The ideal shape for versatility

Don't be fooled by their name: Eye Design’s Flocked Applicators, known more commonly as Lipsticks, can be used wherever necessary. Much like traditional cotton swabs, Lipsticks are tiny tools that brush away imperfections; they are something every beauty professional should have ready at all times!

Unlike conventional cotton swabs, however, our Lipsticks are completely lint-free, so they won’t ever tug on your client’s lash extensions or leave behind potentially harmful bacteria. Lint from cotton has a tendency to get caught between the natural eyelash and the lash extension, and attempting to remove it can cause you to rip both out. So, lint-free applicators will save you and your clients tons of pain and frustration.

Like many of our other professional tools and products, our Lipsticks are very versatile! Use them to prime the lashes for extensions, or to apply lash extension remover. Without precise application, primers and removers can get messy, causing your client discomfort. Taking the time and practicing the patience to work neatly is worth it--your clients will definitely notice and be thankful!

For beauty professionals who do eyebrow tinting work, the flocked shape of the Lipsticks are essential for creating a sharp and defined shape. Perfecting the outline of the brow can be tricky, so keeping Lipsticks readily available while you work prevents the small mistakes from becoming huge disasters. But here at Eye Design, flocked applicators like these are really useful when depositing pigment into the applied strokes during the microblading procedure.

The flocked shape also makes several different techniques possible. Holding the Lipstick flat will ensure product is evenly dispersed, while using the angled side helps you work around curved areas. When held straight-on, the Lipstick has a point that can be used for reaching small corners.

Have you traded your traditional cotton swabs for our Flocked Applicators yet? You will find so many uses for them beyond just the lips! Find them on our online store--just click here.

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