Give your clients beautiful lashes with Eye Design

Are you an eyelash artist? If so, our team is confident that you provide them with quality services and beautiful results! But, have you ever considered upgrading the products you use?

Eye Design’s online store is full of premium tools and supplies available at everyday low prices. And because we operate online, buyers can shop 24/7! We ship worldwide for your convenience.

All of our products are sourced and developed directly by Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva. Our technicians proudly use these exact supplies in our Fifth Avenue studio every single day! (If you have ever had a service done with us or have taken one of Eye Design University’s professional training workshops, you know this firsthand!)

Nadia’s goal is to expand her lifechanging treatments across the world. To do so, she needs the help of other talented artists. One way she does this is by providing access to high-quality, affordable tools through!

At the age of 18, Nadia started her career in beauty with eyelash extensions! In fact, she is credited with bringing Russian Volume techniques to the United States. She has also won numerous awards for her techniques both in Russia and the United States. It is safe to say that she is an eyelash expert! So, Eye Design’s online store is always stocked with the best lash supplies. We have everything an eyelash artist needs.

A glimpse at what you will find available on our website:

  • Individual lashes (tons of lengths, thicknesses, curls and colors!) + premade volume fans
  • A range of adhesives
  • Essential primer
  • Safe + effective removers
  • Different types of tweezers (all super-durable!)
  • Disposable supplies, such as brushes, tape and eyepatches

The Eye Design team loves animals! When you shop with us, you can rest assured that our classic eyelash extensions are 100-percent synthetic and cruelty-free. (This also means that they are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types, even sensitive.) 

Additionally, we offer a luxurious Royal Silk lash collection for artists who want to give their clients a more high-end treatment and sparkling, shimmery results. You will never find mink lashes on our website or in our studio.

Our goal is always to leave clients with beautiful, long-lasting results that they love. The key to this is expert techniques combined with strong adhesives! Eye Design offers four different formulas: Platinum, Super, Ultra and Sensitive. 

When used correctly, Platinum, Super and Ultra should provide clients with lash extensions that last 4 to 6 weeks (as long as they follow proper aftercare instructions). Although all of our formulas are hypoallergenic, our Sensitive formula is great for those who feel they may have a negative skin or eye reaction to the adhesive, as well as expecting mothers.

To some lash artists, Primer may seem like more of a luxury than a necessity, but the Eye Design team recommends it for every single time! 

Primer was developed to remove excess oils, dirt and residual make up from the client’s eyelashes. This helps to helps to create a stronger bond between the lashes and the adhesive, significantly improving durability and wear time. With a quicker bond, application time may be reduced. Eyelash Primer does the following:

  • Prepares the surface for application
  • Gets the correct pH balance 
  • Removes dirt, oil and residual makeup, creating a stronger bond with adhesives
  • Significantly helps extensions last longer
  • Does not irritate the eye

Click here to shop Eye Design’s entire range of tools and supplies for beauty professionals! If you are a salon owner, be sure to click here so you can save when you shop wholesale.

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