Nanoblading new trend on Instagram, nanobrows before and after

Do you follow us on Instagram? You totally should! It is the first place you will see updates for new trends on all things Eye Design New York. But, some of our updates are so sneaky, you may not even notice they are there! If you are obsessed with all things lashes or brows, we suggest you pay attention closely to @eye_design_ny.

We have been dropping a ton of hints about our new trend NanoBlading Brows, Powder Effect and Ombre pigments and procedures. In fact, you may have caught sneak peeks of certain shades already. While they for sale, we have been using them constantly at our studio on Fifth Avenue. Our clients and our technicians alike have been loving them, and so have our Instagram followers! Your positive feedback never goes unnoticed.

NanoBlading before and after pictures 

NanoBlading before and after
NanoBlading or Nanobrows

Nanoblading which pigments to use?

On this amazing nanobrows we used special Eye Design nanoblading pigments, available for purchase here

Over the past few months, the Eye Design team has been sharing a ton of photos featuring clients with our new NanoBlading pigments and Powder Effect Pigments. We are thrilled with the results *and* the positive comments from our followers.

Just like the Eye Design Microblading Pigments you already know and love, our NanoBlading, Powder or Ombre Pigments are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and produce bright, long-lasting brows. Our goal is to provide you with results that are safe and beautiful.

While our Microblading Pigments are suitable for the NanoBlading pigments and For Nanobrows technique--especially when mixed with our Pigment Thinner or distilled water--some beauty professionals prefer to work with a specially formulated pigment. This new range will also come in never-before-seen variety of colors--different from our Microblading Pigments--and the technicians at Eye Design love the versatility they bring to our studio.

Nanoblading pigments consistency FAQ

NanoBlading Pigments have a thinner consistency, different from the gel-like texture of our Microblading Pigments. This makes them a better option for microshading, especially for beginners or those who are not used to working with thick pigments. Technicians may also find that mixing Microblading Pigments with Pigment Thinner or distilled water may slightly dilute the color; our NanoBlading Pigments do not require any Thinner or water, so color payoff is always at a maximum.

Experienced technicians know that microblading and microshading are two completely different techniques, even though they are both fabulous ways to restore the eyebrows of millions of women and men. Not only do they heal differently, but the final results also look different and the pigment application process is different.

Microblading involves the creation of hyper-realistic hair-like strokes with pigment, while Nanoblading uses pin-dot pigment application. There are small details throughout each of the procedures that require special attention or different tools and supplies. For example, the thick gel consistency of our Microblading Pigments is ideal for creating natural-looking hair strokes.

When done properly, both techniques produce beautiful results that you, the technician, can customize to each unique client. Classic microblading is a great option for those with over-plucked or over-waxed brows, as well as those with naturally sparse brows.

Best Nanoblading Brows before and after on best pigments

Our team recommends NonoBlading Pigments for Nanobrows procedures, on the other hand, to clients with a lot of natural hairs who simply want to shape and define their brows, while making them appear more bold. Clients looking for the best of both worlds may go for our Hybrid technique, which incorporates both microblading and Powder. Similarly, a client can do microblading during the initial appointment, then choose to add Powder at the touch-up.

Eye Design frequently uses the Hybrid technique, which involves microblading and Powder, on clients with extremely sparse brows. This is because the pin-dots applied during Powder soften the contrast between the client’s skin and the microbladed hair strokes.

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