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Beauty professionals worldwide count on Eye Design for premium tools and supplies. Whether you are one of our thousands of loyal customers or new to Eye Design’s online store, you are more than welcome to join us for any of our training workshops!

Our studio is full of experts in a number of in-demand beauty techniques, including microblading, Powder Effect (micro-shading) and eyelash extensions. We would love to bring our life-changing services worldwide, but we cannot do it all on our own. So, the Eye Design team decided to launch professional training programs.

We host classes here in New York City, as well as online. Students have traveled from all corners of the globe to join Eye Design University and learn our techniques directly from our founder Nadia Afanaseva.

Eye Design University regularly hosts classes in microblading, Powder Effect and eyelash extensions (and we hope to expand this range soon). Throughout the years, more than 5,000 students have graduated from Eye Design University, and we would love to add you to the list! Which class will you take first?

While we hold private classes for eyelash extensions weekly here at our Fifth Avenue studio, Eye Design also hosts MasterClass workshops for microblading and Powder Effect! Next up is Nadia’s first-ever MasterClass via live stream. 

If you want to learn Nadia’s Powder Effect semi-permanent brow solution, now is the time! For eyebrow artists--and aspiring eyebrow artists--Powder Effect is a must-know technique because it is suitable for 1 in 3 clients. (This means it can increase your income by 30 percent.) Even those who may not benefit from traditional microblading can turn to Powder Effect as a successful alternative!

Anyone who is interested, no matter where you are in the world, can join Nadia Septemeber 9 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Watch as she goes through the entire Powder Effect procedure on a real model. Nadia will share all the must-know details, then host a live question-and-answer session at the end.

Nadia’s training programs are open to absolutely everyone, whether you are a beauty professional who is already working, or simply someone who is curious about getting started in the semi-permanent makeup industry. Don’t miss this opportunity! Register by July 31 and pay only $350 (normally $500). As always, Eye Design University alumni receive 10-percent off.

Click here to register now.

Or, you can join us in person for our next Microblading MasterClass, September 30 through October 2!

This 3-day workshop includes everything you need to know about the procedure and is perfect for first-timers to experienced brow artists! 

On Day 1, we will cover microblading theory and color theory, as well as important sanitization and marketing information. Then, the day ends with a live demo by our Master Technician Nadia. Watch up-close as Nadia transforms the model’s brows with her exclusive microblading technique. Nadia works as slowly as possible so the students can absorb every single detail! When it comes to microblading (and brows in general) even the smallest details matter.

Day 2 is much more hands-on. Students learn Eye Design’s signature 5-point drawing method, then put it to the test! First, our students work with pencil and paper, then move onto blades, pigments and artificial skin with help from our studio’s most talented and experienced microblading artists.

After a full day of practice on Day 2, Day 3 is for live-model practice! Students each receive two live models of their own, booked for four hours each so that they can work as slowly and as carefully as possible. We encourage all students to take before and after photos of both their models to add to their portfolios--perfect for sharing on social media! Just like on Day 2, Eye Design’s technicians work one-on-one with students every step of the way on Day 3.

To learn more or to reserve your seat, call Eye Design University at (917) 708-8870! We cannot wait to see you there.

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