Prepare for June's Powder Effect MasterClass with Eye Design's Digital Pen tool

Are you already enrolled in our next Powder Effect MasterClass? It is coming up quickly!

Eye Design asks that every student arrives with a passion for beauty, learning new skills and changing lives. We also encourage you to try your hardest at everything you do in and out of our training workshops! There is one more thing: Powder Effect students are required to come with a small machine tool necessary for creating shaded semi-permanent brows.

If you already have one of your own, that’s great! Make sure it is in your suitcase or bag before class begins. You definitely do not want to forget it! Students who do not have a Digital Pen for semi-permanent makeup, or those of you who simply want an upgrade in time for class, can find the best option in the industry for an incredibly low price you will not see anywhere else. It is available for purchase 24/7 via our online store!

Our Permanent Makeup Digital Pen is a semi-permanent makeup machine that includes the body (handpiece), handpiece stand and an adapter.

It takes pigment into the disposable needle (once attached), and injects it under the first layer of skin, known as the epidermis. This Digital Pen has seven speeds, and the current speed-in-use is always visible on the LED screen of the handpiece. It automatically pauses when placed on the stand--no buttons necessary!

The disposable needle cartridge is suitable for various types of needles. Adjust the needle’s length by turning the adjustment ring. Technicians can also turn the cartridge’s ring to adjust the amount of pigment applied under the skin. (If you need to stock up on needles, you can find those on, as well!)

Overall, it is an easy-to-use tool with a comfortable ergonomic design. It comes with EO gas-sterilized disposable needle cartridges and strong, transparent packaging. We recommend this tool for all technicians, including beginners.

We are proud to ship worldwide at affordable rates! Our DHL service ensures that your tools and supplies always arrive quickly and safely. Your Digital Pen will get to you in a sturdy, travel-ready collector’s box that is perfect for safekeeping on the way to and from MasterClass!

This tool is the exact model Eye Design’s expert technicians use in our studio every single day. We searched the market for the best tools across Europe, Asia and beyond--and decided on our Permanent Makeup Digital Pen! You will feel confident every time you work with this Eye Design-approved tool.

Even for beginners, Digital Pen is easy and safe to use. At MasterClass, you will practice first on top-quality, lifelike artificial skin before moving onto live models! If you want to gain more practice on your own, you can choose from a variety of artificial skins on our online store We have completely blank sheets for when you feel ready to draw your own brows from start to finish, as well as partial brow shapes and outlines for pigment application techniques in specific areas.

We cannot wait to see you at our second-ever Powder Effect MasterClass later this month! Our technicians and the rest of the Eye Design team will be there to guide you every step of the way.


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