The difference between our Microblading and Powder Effect Pigments

Are you a brow artist? If so, you already know there is a big difference between the microblading and Powder Effect (micro-shading) procedures.

Not only are the techniques and the final results different, microblading and Powder Effect also require different tools. Microblading uses a manual pigment application method to create hyper-realistic hair-like strokes, while Powder Effect involves a machine tool that deposits pigment into tiny pin-dot incisions.

Similarly, the two techniques call for their own pigments. Eye Design first launched our exclusive Microblading Pigments years ago. This was revolutionary for the semi-permanent beauty industry! Our first-of-its-kind gel formula, thicker than other options on the market, allows for crisp, precise healing and lifelike results.

At Eye Design, our goal is to create beautiful brows for all! That is why we chose a gentle, hypoallergenic mineral-based formula for our Microblading Pigments. All six base shades, as well as our four Correction Pigments, are completely safe for the body! Eye Design is also proud to stock cruelty-free products across the board.

Our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva formulated these pigments herself alongside chemists and doctors in our to achieve the best outcome in the industry. She tested the Microblading Pigments for months, first on artificial skin, then on models and clients. Nadia tracked their results and was thrilled when she discovered that her formula never turns blue/gray or ashy under the skin! The thick consistency also prevents the pigment from becoming blurry under the skin after the healing process.

The six base shades from light to dark are Caramel, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Coffee, Dark Chocolate and Espresso. Our four Correction Pigments are Ivory, Orange, Olive/Green and Black.

As the industry expands, artists and innovators develop new techniques. While microblading is certainly a buzzword in the beauty industry and beyond, alternatives are becoming popular, too. Enter: Powder Effect.

Unlike microblading, Powder Effect uses pin-dot pigment application to give clients the illusion of darker, fuller, more defined brows. It is a shaded, gradient makeup look, whereas microblading is an all-natural hair-stroke appearance. The technicians at Eye Design absolutely love this technique because it heals beautifully on all skin tones and skin types.

Due to the increasing demand for Powder Effect industry-wide, plus the success of our Microblading Pigments, we worked hard to develop six brand-new Powder Effect Pigments. With a thinner consistency than our Microblading Pigments, our new range is suitable for both manual and machine applications. Whether you are performing a full Powder Effect procedure with a machine tool or simply adding a little Powder Effect between microbladed hair strokes with a manual pen, these Pigments always look amazing!

When developing this formula, we used the same mineral-based and hypoallergenic properties to ensure the safety of all Eye Design clients! Nadia also practiced with our Powder Effect Pigments for months on models and clients to see how each shade heals.

Have you met all six shades? Our Microblading Pigments are named after our favorite cafe treats, but for our Powder Effect range, we decided to go a different route.

From light to dark, our Powder Pigments are Taupe Sand, Tiger’s Eye, Burnt Umber, Brown Diamond, Smoked Topaz and Rich Onyx.

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Kathryn Bolton January 10 2022

Do the pigments that are correct correction pigments do they actually help if the eyebrow is too dark and how would I ask my stylist who I dearly love how do I ask her if she’s used powder or she can correct some thing without hurting her feelings from Austin Texas thank you so much

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