These 5 must-have products are ON SALE at Eye Design!

Eye Design stocks high-quality tools and supplies for beauty professionals at affordable rates every single day! Occasionally, we will hold promotional sales or add coveted items to our “sale” section.

There are currently more than 25 items in the sale section of our online store. This week, meet five of the most exciting Eye Design products offered at a discounted rate, including products for microblading, semi-permanent makeup and eyelash extensions!

Shop online 24/7 and enjoy fast and affordable worldwide shipping.

Barrier Film (available in Clear and Blue)

All microblading and permanent/semi-permanent makeup artists need to keep their workplace sanitary, not only for safety reasons but also in order to maintain a positive reputation among the community! 

Barrier Film is the industry’s ultimate solution for infection-control. It can be used to cover chairs, lamps, carts and almost any surface without leaving a sticky residue behind! Each roll comes perforated in 1,200 4-inch by 6-inch sheets.

Eye Design’s film is easy to apply and remove and can be used with or without the coordinating holder.

Microblading 14-pin “Zig Zag” Blade

In a set of 20 individually packaged blades, these tools are sterilized and for single-use only!

Use the 14-pin “Zig Zag” blade to outline the shape of the brow or to fix/sharpen the edge of the brows. This particular blade works best with our Multi-use Microblading Pen for the most precise grip.

All Eye Design blades are made with medical-grade steel.

“Axe” Volume Tweezer

Made from premium Japanese steel, our “Axe” Volume Tweezer is durable and rust-resistant. It is lightweight and ideal for both classic and volume lash applications. Eye Design’s tweezers have excellent tension to assure that extensions do not slip through the tips. They are designed to rest perfectly in the artist’s hand so that you can easily grip even the smallest lashes.

6- to 8-millimeter Individual Lashes (available in Brown, Dark Brown and Black; 0.07, 0.10 and 0.15 thicknesses)

Our studio uses only hypoallergenic synthetic lash extensions! These individual lashes have a slight curl to match the natural eyebrow hairs.

Each tray consists of 12 rows of a single shade (whichever you choose!) and a single thickness (again, whichever you choose). Lashes 6 to 8 millimeters in length come in every tray!

Brown, Dark Brown and Black are all soft, natural-looking colors. Use Brown and Dark Brown lashes on clients with fair skin and blonde hair--they are especially flattering on those with freckles!

Mascara Brushes

Silicone Mascara Brushes are a necessity for any beauty professional! Ultra-soft and gentle to the touch, Eye Design’s Mascara Brushes can be used for both bros and lashes (and they are safe to use on freshly microbladed brows).

These brushes are disposable to ensure cleanliness and hygiene throughout the entire brow blading or lash extensions process. Because they are from Eye Design, they are of the highest quality. 

The silicone head is nonabsorbent and easily glides through even the most tangled lashes and brows. They are safe to use and do not disturb the lash curl.

Mascara Brushes are thin and ergonomically shaped with a 4-inch black handle. The package includes 100 disposable mascara brushes.

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