Treat your clients right & supplement your income with our Eyebrow Elixir

In addition to our Eye Design clients, our fellow beauty professionals (especially microblading and semi-permanent makeup artists) can enjoy the benefits of Eyebrow Elixir.

This all-natural blend of oils and antioxidants, developed by our team of beauty experts, soothes the eyebrow area after microblading or Powder Effect. It also is packed with nutrients that nourish the skin and allow the natural eyebrow hairs to grow healthy and strong. Our technicians and our clients alike love this sweet-smelling formula, and we want to share it with beauty professionals worldwide!

Full of grape seed oil, castor oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and almond oil, our Elixir is all-natural. The blend of ingredients allows for optimization of your microblading results. It was developed to rejuvenate, soothe and heal the skin while hydrating and strengthening the natural brow hairs.

Grapeseed oil is rich in antioxidants to alleviate inflammation; castor oil is known to prevent the growth of bacteria and boost hair growth; almond oil relieves skin rashes and reduces the signs of aging; both Vitamins E and A are anti-aging nutrients.

Apply Elixir 2 to 3 times per day during the healing process, then continue to use it once a day during the evening to promote brow hair health. Think of it as the last step of your skincare routine!

Microblading and Hybrid clients should start applying Elixir to their brow area 7 full days after their treatment, while Powder Effect clients should start after 3 days. Using Elixir during the healing process speeds up the scabbing process by soothing and moisturizing flaky skin--and nourishing the new skin underneath it! Because it is full of 100 percent natural ingredients, it is safe for all skin types (even sensitive).

Now, thanks to Eye Design’s flexible wholesale pricing and special discounts for beauty professionals, technicians across the country, and across the world, can share this amazing product with client of their own! Our team can’t wait to see the beautiful results.

Microblading and semi-permanent makeup artists can choose 50 bottles of our Elixir for $750 (that’s $15 a piece), or 100 bottles for $1,000 ($10 a piece). With a retail value of $25, you, as a technician, can profit greatly from this wholesale opportunity! You can also enjoy other discount and reward opportunities available to shoppers. (For information on all the other ways you can save, read our helpful blog post here.)

Selling our must-have Eyebrow Elixir to all of your microblading and Powder Effect clients is absolutely one of the best ways to boost your income as a technician. You can invest these earnings in countless ways to better your business! From enrolling in top-notch training programs to stocking-up on high-quality tools and supplies, there are so many things you can do with the extra money you will be earning. What will you do with your new income?

Click here to shop Eye Design’s exclusive Eyebrow Elixir. Pick up one for yourself, or choose one of our wholesale options for your studio. Our sanitary dropper bottle will look beautiful on everyone’s top shelf!

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