Create multidimensional eyebrow looks with our Microblading & Powder Effect Pigments

As semi-permanent makeup artists, it is our duty to give clients the most natural-looking results. We need proper training, tons of practice to grow our skills and passion for our craft in order to be successful!

While all of these factors play a huge role in creating amazing semi-permanent eyebrows for our clients, beauty professionals also need quality tools and products for beautiful brows that last!

Eye Design worked hard to develop high-quality mineral-based Microblading and Powder Effect Pigments. Our Microblading Pigments have a thick gel-like texture, developed especially to give our clients crisp, hyper-realistic hair strokes.

After their success, Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia went back to the lab, alongside doctors and scientists, in order to formulate the perfect Powder Effect Pigments. These have a thinner texture that is ideal for pin-dot pigment application.

Each formula has a range of six shades. There is something for every skin tone and undertone! (We also have four Correction Pigments!) Microblading and semi-permanent makeup artists can mix the shades in each formula among themselves in order to create custom colors for their clients. The technicians at Eye Design do this daily!

From light to dark, our Microblading Pigments are: Caramel, Cappuccino, Coffee, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Espresso. Our Powder Effect Pigments are: Taupe Sand, Tiger’s Eye, Burnt Umber, Brown Diamond, Smoked Topaz and Rich Onyx.

The Hybrid technique, created by Nadia herself, incorporates both classic microblading and our exclusive Powder Effect. It is extremely common here at the Eye Design studio! The brow artists at Eye Design love the soft results and flawless finish this combination of techniques, while our clients always leave thrilled with their new brows.

Whether your clients choose a light, natural brow or a bold makeup look, you as a technician can use the combination of microblading and Powder Effect to create dream brows for all!

When hyper-realistic hair strokes are applied to the skin using microblading, it results in feathery brows. Technicians who choose to add Powder Effect manually (i.e., without a machine tool) for their clients achieve more true-to-life microblading results. This is because pin-dot pigment application between the hair strokes softens the contrast between the skin and the applied hair strokes. That is why our team absolutely loves this technique, and our clients do, too!

Did you know that 1 in 3 clients is a candidate for Powder Effect? Learning this technique, and having the proper supplies to do it, will increase your income by 30 percent! Invest in yourself and in your clients.

Eye Design is proud to offer high-quality products at an affordable price. Our easy-to-use website is available to beauty professionals (and aspiring beauty professionals!) worldwide. As always, is the only place in the world you can find our mineral-based Microblading and Powder Effect Pigments.

You can also find other must-haves on our site, include machine tools and manual-application tools for both microblading and Powder Effect! To shop our site, click here. Or, if you are interested in learning either of our techniques, click here to learn more about Eye Design University’s training programs.

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