Which microblade is right for you?

Your skills are extremely important in creating the best customized brows for each of your clients. But, your tools are important, too!

For beautiful and long-lasting results, you will want to invest in high-quality, innovative microblading supplies. There are a ton of options on the market, and it can be difficult to determine what is right for you. Thankfully, Eye Design’s team of practicing technicians developed a range of tools and products that suits the needs of microblading and semi-permanent makeup artists everywhere.

Our blades are up to 3-times thinner than the average permanent makeup blade, which means less discomfort for your clients! And when placed properly on an Eye Design microblading pen, you will have full control of your blade.

Obviously, you can’t begin a microblading treatment without a microblade, so when you begin practicing, this tool is one of the first you will want to pick up. We offer 14 different options!

Your technique

Choosing the right blade has a lot to do with technique; microblading and Powder Effect require different tools!

The next step is determining the size of the hair strokes or the intensity of the shaded look you want to achieve. All microbladed brows require a combination of hairs of different lengths and thickness to look natural, while Powder Effect requires various levels of intensity for that flawless ombré look.

There is also the outline of the brow. Creating the right look for each client means that you always have to get the shape right, and Eye Design has several blades to help you do just that.


  • For creating short and fine hair strokes, our team recommends both the 7-pin blade and the U-shapes blade. (Our U-shaped blade is also great for creating curved hair strokes, as well as hair strokes that are darker at the root and lighter at the tip!)
  • For hair strokes of medium length and thickness, we recommend the 12-pin blade and the 14-pin blade.
  • We also recommend the 14-pin blade for create hair strokes of full length and thickness.
  • To outline the shape and fine-tune the edges of microbladed brows, we recommend the 14-pin zig-zag blade.

Powder Effect + Hybrid:

  • For creating a soft shaded look, Eye Design techs recommend both the 12-pin flat blade and the 5-pin round blade.
  • For creating a shaded look of medium intensity, we recommend the 7-pin round blade.
  • For creating a full-intensity shaded look, we recommend the 9-pin blade and the 14-pin flat blade.
  • To outline the shape of Powder or Hybrid brows and fine-tune the edges, we recommend the 15-pin double flat blade, the 15-pin double curved blade, the 21-pin double flat blade and the 15-pin double curved blade.

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