This is how our technicians mix pigments for the best results

Microblading work by Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva in Caramel & Cappuccino

Powder Effect by Nadia Afanaseva in Dark Chocolate & Espresso

Eye Design technicians always create a custom brow look for each of our clients. Ever wondered how we do it every single time? A lot of it has to do with mixing our Microblading Pigments!

The one-of-a-kind mineral-based formula (designed by Nadia Afanaseva, Eye Design founder and Master Technician) has the perfect consistency for mixing, so our team can always create custom brow shades.

Because every client is unique, we like to mix our pigments often. Some of our go-to combos? Cappuccino and Chocolate for blondes and dark brunettes who have pinkish skin and want warm-toned brows; Chocolate and Espresso for dark brunettes with medium skin and cool or neutral undertones.

Mixing pigments definitely is not limited to our six base shades; we also love to include Eye Design’s Correction Pigments in our custom shades!

To make pigments darker without changing the undertones, we add Black Correction Pigment. And to make pigments lighter without changing the undertones, we add Ivory Correction Pigment. Sounds easy, right? As long as our technicians are careful not to use more than 20 percent of the Black or Ivory pigment in their mix--and they always do--adding them to our base shades is extremely safe (and often encouraged).

On the other hand, Eye Design techs use our Olive (yellow) and Orange Correction Pigments to modify the undertones of our base pigments. Orange is perfect for mixing with Cappuccino for redheads with fair skin--it warms up Cappuccino’s neutral undertones--while Olive optimizes warm pigments for clients that have medium to dark skin that has pink undertones. Just like with Black and Ivory, our other Correction Pigments, be sure not to add more than 20 percent of Orange or Olive to your mixture.

(Note: Correction Pigments are also used to fix previous permanent makeup that healed too cool or too warm, or too light or too dark.)

Have you met Pigment Thinner, one of Eye Design’s newest products? We developed it to, of course, thin the consistency of our pigments, as well as diffuse their colors. To make our Microblading Pigments the ideal texture for powdered/shaded brows (as well as other semi-permanent makeup), add 3 to 5 drops to your mixture. If you are microblading, but prefer working with a thinner consistency pigment (or need to lighten the pigment color), add 1 to 2 drops. Lighter results are especially noticeable after the healing process!

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