Wow your friends with colored lash extensions

Craving change? Want to stand out for all the right reasons? Then you need to give our colored eyelash extensions a try.

I founded Eye Design so I could make women feel more confident and beautiful in their own skin. Our team believes beauty makes life more fun, so we now offer 12 amazing colors that will really make your eyes pop: wine, red, pink, orange, gold, yellow, aqua, green, blue, purple, light brown, brown and dark brown!

Much like Eye Design’s black lashes you know and love, our brightly hued individual lashes are crafted from the finest synthetic fiber. Natural mink lashes are known to cause allergic reactions on some clients, and the synthetic fibers allow our lashes to remain cruelty-free. But that never takes away from their beauty; our lashes--even the colored ones--are soft and natural-looking and easy to maintain after application.

With a gorgeous CC-Curl (0.10) that they always keep, as well as mixed lengths (8mm-15mm), you will be able to create countless new looks on your clients. Every client has a unique desired effect, so Eye Design’s individual lashes are placed next to each other on one line for your convenience. This makes them ideal for both volume *and* classic application.

These high-quality colored lash extensions always look luxurious, and their hue is bolder and more saturated than the effect you would get using a colored mascara (or even a mainstream false lash strip)! Add a few to your lash line for a subtle (or not-so-subtle) accent, or pile them on to get a look that’s as bright as you are. A large range of colored lash extensions allows you that much more freedom to be the best version of yourself.

Lash extensions are never permanent, so if you decide colored lashes aren’t right for you, we are happy to book you a removal appointment so that you can go back to black or keep it all-natural!

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