Eye Design New York® 14-pin Microblading Pen, a precision tool for exquisite brow detailing
Professional-grade Eye Design New York® Microblading Pen with 14 ultra-thin needles for fine strokes

Disposable Microblading pen 14-pin

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Eye Design New York® Disposable 14-pin Microblading Pen

Precision Artistry in Microblading

Elevate your microblading skills with the Eye Design New York® Disposable 14-pin Microblading Pen. Designed for professionals seeking the utmost precision and control, this microblading tool is an essential in creating the most detailed and natural-looking brow hairs. The 14 ultra-thin needles, arranged in a single row, offer unmatched accuracy and finesse.

The increased number of pins allows for finer, more intricate hair strokes, ideal for achieving fuller, more defined brows. Whether you're enhancing sparse brows or creating an entirely new shape, this pen provides the versatility and precision needed for top-tier results.

Designed for Comfort and Safety

Ergonomics and safety are at the forefront of the Eye Design New York® 14-pin Microblading Pen's design. The pen's comfortable grip ensures steady handling, allowing for intricate work without strain. Each pen is sterilized with EO gas and marked with an expiration date to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

Superior Quality and Durability

  • Made with medical-grade steel, the 14-pin blade remains securely attached to the pen, ensuring consistent and reliable strokes every time.
  • The needles are three times thinner than average tattoo needles, enhancing client comfort during the microblading process.
  • Designed for single use, each pen ensures a sterile and safe experience for every client.
  • The fine precision of the 14-pin arrangement is ideal for crafting both subtle enhancements and dramatic transformations.

For the Discerning Microblading Professional

Eye Design New York® is dedicated to empowering microblading professionals with the best tools in the industry. The Disposable 14-pin Microblading Pen is a reflection of our commitment to quality, innovation, and professional excellence.

Achieve Flawless Brows Every Time

Trust in the Eye Design New York® 14-pin Microblading Pen to bring your clients' brow visions to life. From subtle, natural looks to bold, defining strokes, this pen is your partner in creating brow masterpieces.

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