Best Permanent makeup Pigments for Powder, Ombre and NanoBrows

Have you been keeping up with our studio’s Instagram account? If you have, you may have noticed a few teasers about upcoming services, classes and (of course!) products such us Permanent Make up Pigments for Powder Brows, NanoBlading (NanoBrows) and Ombre Brows. The new year is off to an exciting start for everyone at Eye Design!

Best Permanent Pigments 

Our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva has been working hard to develop a new range of pigments. From mixing up custom colors in the lab to naming them alongside her staff, Nadia herself is involved in the entire process--and she wouldn’t have it any other way! You already know and love our Microblading Pigments now we adding new range of pigments for Permanent makeup including Powder Brows and NanoBrows or NanoBlading. They have a first-of-its kind gel-based formula that never goes blurry or ashy under the skin. Nadia used the same innovative thought process while working on the new line-up.


Powder Brows

Microblading vs Powder, Ombre and NanoBrows

This thick texture is ideal for microblading. Hair strokes heal beautifully! Even on oily skin, hair strokes can look crisp and clear after the healing process, thanks to this revolutionary formula. But during the Powder Effect, or microshading, process, technicians may find it difficult to use at first (it takes practice).

To make pin-dot pigment application easier, some beauty professionals prefer to mix it with distilled water or our Eye Design Pigment Thinner. The new pigments, which will be launching soon, have a slightly different consistency--no distilled water or Pigment Thinner necessary! (However, if you would like to slightly dilute the color opacity, you can still use a little Pigment Thinner.)

After we found the right formulas, Nadia began her new shades on models and clients right here, in our Fifth Avenue studio! You may have seen glimpses of some of them on Instagram. We took the time to find models of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to make sure it would work on everyone! And we are happy to share that the new range is suitable for every skin type and skin tone. What do you think of the color Nadia chose for the client shown here with medium/dark skin? She used a combination of our microblading and Powder Effect techniques. 

Permanent Pigments for NanoBrows  

Soon, we will be hosting our first-ever NanoBrows MasterClass workshop where we will debut Eye Design’s machine tool (you read about that on our blog last week)! Because it works so well on such a wide variety of clients, everyone at Eye Design, from clients to technicians, loves Powder Effect, NanoBrows, and Ombre Brows. So, our entire team is working hard this year to improve and expand this semi-permanent makeup technique!

NanoBlading Pigments

Eye Design’s new Pigments are best suite for NanoBlading or Powder Effect available now! Technicians worldwide will be able to shop the entire range online at and pigments for NanoBrows buy here. But while you wait, check out our manual microshading tools, or if you will be in New York City


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