Give your clients a luxurious experience with Royal Silk lashes

What do clients look for when choosing an eyelash artist? Beautiful work? High-quality products? A luxurious experience?

Believe it or not, the overall experience is essential in attracting and keeping clients. You should always do great work, but you must also host your clients in a comfortable environment where they feel safe and yes, a little bit spoiled! After all, women (and men!) go to salons One way you can instantly elevate your clients’ experience is by offering Royal Silk eyelash extensions during their visit.

Lashes in this luxury line are made from premium silk materials that are safe for the skin and the natural eyelashes. They are lightweight and comfortable on the eyes. Like all Eye Design products, these lashes never cause irritation or allergic reactions. (Before application, check with your client to make sure he or she does not have a silk allergy.)

Royal Silk eyelash extensions come in a variety of curls, thicknesses and lengths. Our team wants you to be able to create any type of lash look with our Royal Silk collection!

Available in C-, CC- and D-curl, Eye Design’s Royal Silk lashes give a stunning full effect without weighing down the natural hairs. Although they are feather light, the ends appear thicker, which quickly create a fuller look when applied correctly. Similarly, our Royal Silk lashes are pure black; you will never have to deal with unwanted blue undertones when you shop Eye Design’s online store!

No matter which curl you choose, you can rest assured the curl will hold throughout the wear. At Eye Design, our eyelash extensions last 4 to 6 weeks or longer! The beautiful lash looks you create will remain in tact for weeks to come.

Single-length trays are available from 7 millimeters to 15 millimeters, while thicknesses range from .07 to .15 millimeters. They are easy to work with and suitable for both classic and Russian Volume application. Convenient packaging allows for ease during the lash application process, as all of the individual lashes are placed next to each other in one line. You can always be sure thickness and length are consistent in every line.

The wide range of curls, thicknesses and lengths gives you the freedom to create a Royal Silk version of every look your clients love! From our Natural Effect to our signature Kim’s Effect (and everything in between), Eye Design technicians love using Royal Silk lash extensions to give their clients jaw-dropping new looks and added volume. Our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva developed over 10 application methods for eyelash extensions, all exclusive to our studio, and our Royal Silk collection gets the job done beautifully!

Popular techniques like Doll and Cat, as well as more advanced techniques like Honeybee and Fox, look extra luxurious in Royal Silk. Even clients who prefer the most natural-looking eyelash extensions will find that our Royal Silk leaves them with luxe, fluttery volume those “I woke up like this” results. They will love our soft-to-the-touch, featherweight luxury line (although, you should always remind your clients not to actually touch their extensions for the longest-lasting lashes).

You can shop our entire range of Royal Silk eyelash extensions online at We are proud to ship worldwide!

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