The only tool you will need for Powder Effect (microshading)

You may have heard that the Eye Design team will host our first-ever microshading, or Powder Effect, MasterClass Workshop next month. We are so excited to meet all of the students who want to learn our semi-permanent makeup procedure this February! Eye Design University is the only place you can find an immersive training program for our exclusive microshading brow technique.

Developed by our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, Eye Design’s innovative and universally flattering Powder Effect treatment involves a completely different pigment application than process our classic microblading. So, it is an important career investment for those who want to offer both services to their client. Microblading and semi-permanent makeup artists should be properly trained for each technique.

Did you know that the tools involved are different, as well? While you may be an expert at manual pin-dot pigment application for your microblading clients, powdering a whole brow (without adding any hair strokes) is an entirely different ball--er, brow--game. At the Eye Design studio our techs use a small pen-like machine to get through the process efficiently and (most of all!) flawlessly. Every Powder Effect client leaves our studio with airbrushed eyebrows.

We do our best to ensure clients are comfortable throughout their semi-permanent eyebrow appointments; we use topical numbing before and during every procedure. Using a machine, as opposed to applying pigment manually with a blade, causes much less irritation to the client’s skin. While manual pigment application with a pen is great for adding precise powder details after microblading, the machine allows you to powder a complete brow without missing a beat!

The technicians at Eye Design tried a ton of options to find the best powder machine, and our founder and Master Tech Nadia Afanaseva chose her personal favorite. After months of experimenting with it, Nadia found that this machine is much easier on the clients’ skin than alternatives that are on the market. Plus, it makes the entire Powder Effect process go much more smoothly--if you know what you’re doing! (Not only do we want you to have the best tools, we also want you to have top-notch training. That is why we will be introducing Eye Design’s first Powder Effect machine at the debut Powder Effect MasterClass next month. Click here to learn more about Eye Design University training programs.)

Can’t wait until this product launches online on Sign-up now for February’s Powder Effect MasterClass! Enrollment is open, and students there will be the first to use it and see it in action. During this 3-day workshop, you will watch our talented Eye Design team of technicians put it to the test. Then, on Day 3 you will work on a live model of your own! We are one of the only training programs in the world that offers live model practice for all students.

If you won’t be able to make the trip to New York City (we’ll miss you!), you will be able to shop Eye Design’s Powder Effect machine online shortly after. Our e-commerce site is easy to use and we ship worldwide! We proudly offer the highest-quality tools and supplies at affordable prices.

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