Cream Remover vs. Gel Remover: Which one should I choose?

Eyelash artists should always keep a trustworthy remover (or two!) in their studio. Clients often come in with leftover lashes that need to be taken off before you can begin applying a brand new full set. Others may only want lash extensions for a special occasion and come in for removal before the full four to six weeks is done. Both of these situations are common and happen regularly at most eyelash studios.

It is so important that you tell all of your clients NOT to remove their lash extensions at home. This can cause serious damage to the natural eyelashes! Encourage them to come back to you for quick, safe and professional removal.

The professionals at Eye Design have two go-to Lash Removers for different situations. (Just these two will help you handle removal for any client!) Not only do we use these on real clients (and on ourselves!) in our studio, we also offer them to lash artists and beauty professionals worldwide via!

Prices are affordable and shipping is fast so you can enjoy high-quality products even if you are on a budget. Whenever you shop with us, you will feel confident knowing you chose technician-approved tools and supplies.

Because we know different technicians prefer to work with different types of products, Eye Design offers two options for lash removal. We have a Cream Remover and a Gel Remover. Both the Cream and Gel dissolve bonds between lashes in seconds, even if you use extra-strength adhesives as we do in our studio.

In our studio, Eye Design uses only cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and non-toxic products. Our lash removers are both safe for the skin and the natural eyelashes. When applied correctly by a properly trained technician, they do not cause any harm to the eyes.

Eye Design’s Cream Remover has a thick consistency for an easy-to-use and luxurious feel, making it best for targeting a large number of lashes. It is easy-to-use and sanitary; due to its thick consistency, this formula does not run into the client’s eyes or onto their skin. The cream is the safest and simplest way to dissolve adhesive bonds.

Our Gel Remover has a thin texture, which was developed to use on small areas. Gel Remover is the ideal option for removing one or two lashes at a time. Experienced technicians can separate lashes with tweezers so that they only reach certain areas with the Gel Remover. Or, it can be used to quickly remove a couple of lashes on clients who have just a few left from a previous set of extensions.

To apply either of these remover products, you must first cover the lower eyelid with a tissue or eyepatch. Then, apply your remover of choice generously, without touching the skin. (If you are using Gel Remover, be sure only to apply it to the desired area.) Wait two to three minutes for the adhesive to dissolve completely. For clients with strong adhesive on their lashes, we recommend you wait closer to three minutes. You may only have to wait two minutes for those with sensitive-formula adhesives.

When applied properly, our removers do not cause irritations or allergic reactions. They do not affect the skin or the natural eyelash hairs.

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