Keep yourself & your clients clean

Having a clean workspace is essential for all beauty professionals. As a successful technician, we are sure you do everything you can to maintain an environment that is up to par with your city or state’s health code. Did you know there are also steps you can take to protect both yourself and your clients clean?

Eye Design’s online store has several key products to keep you and your clients safe. All the protective gear you need is affordable, easy-to-use and disposable. (Plus, we ship worldwide!)

First, you will need a protective gown for yourself. Our Technician Protective Gown has long sleeves with knitted cuffs and a drawstring waist for a custom fit. It allows you to move freely and work comfortably. You and your clothes will remain clean throughout the entire microblading or semi-permanent makeup procedure!

When you are ready for the procedure, offer your client one of Eye Design’s Client’s Protective Gowns. With a blanket-like shape, this piece is one-size-fits-all. The back fastens with velcro for easy application and removal.

Don’t forget headbands. These are great for both you and your clients! Technicians must remain distraction-free when working, so it is a good idea to keep your hair away from your face. Clients, especially those who are getting their brows done, should also wear a headband. As a beauty professional, your clients are your canvas; keep them mess-free!

Eye Design’s headbands are lightweight and elasticized for a comfortable fit. They are one-size-fits-all and suitable for all technicians and clients.

Dental Bibs can be used to protect your workspace. Lay them on tables and countertops as needed! For clients who are undergoing semi-permanent lip makeup, you may also want to put one or two of these on his or her chest area to avoid pigment spills and splashes. Even if your client is wearing a Protective Gown, he or she may want additional protection because working on the lips is closer to the clothing than the eyebrows. Our Dental Bibs are 13.75 inches x 17.75 inches.

Beauty professionals also need to use at least one disposable Bed Sheet per client. Those who see you for microblading, semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extensions or cosmetic tattoo removal will most likely be lying down throughout their entire appointments. Make sure the massage table is sanitary with a new Bed Sheet on top for each client who comes in. Eye Design’s Bed Sheets are 31 inches x 78 inches, so they fit most massage and salon tables.

If you are an eyelash artist, you should definitely stock-up on Eye Patches! These protect the client’s eyes and eyelids from adhesives during the lash application process. Ours have a hydrating and cooling effect. Eye Design client’s love this luxury bonus, and we are sure yours will, too! They are comfortable, fit most all eye shapes and are lint-free.

Although they are available in a 10-pack, our Eye Patches come individually wrapped so that your clients feel clean and safe during their lash appointments. Each pair is fresh!

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