Do you know about our rewards system? (Save money when you shop with us!)

The entire Eye Design team works hard to keep prices low on our online shop! We also host sales during major holidays and provide lifetime discounts to our Eye Design University graduates to celebrate and say thank-you. But did you know there is another way to save on your must-have professional beauty supplies?

Join our rewards program! You will receive 200 points for creating an account, 10 points for every $1 USD you spend (excluding taxes and shipping/handling fees) and 300 points for every referral who makes a first-time purchase through your unique link.

For every 3,000 points you earn, you will receive $25 towards any purchase on

That’s a $25 credit to use on all of our tools and supplies! Try something new or stock-up on your must-haves every time you earn 3,000 points. The more friends and colleagues you refer through your link, the more quickly you will reach 3,000!

Shopping our online store is easy. We offer worldwide shipping so that beauty professionals everywhere can enjoy our products! Eye Design is proud to carry a wide range of top-quality tools and supplies for permanent makeup and lash artists. has completely sterilized pens and blades for microblading, machine tools for Powder Effect (microshading) (coming soon!), as well as mineral-based and hypoallergenic pigments to suit every skin tone, undertone and application technique.

We also stock a variety of individual eyelash extensions (every length, thickness, curl and color you could want), different adhesives (from extra strength to sensitive) and a selection of sturdy tweezers for easy application.

For clients who come to you with lashes they need to be removed, we have the best Cream Remover. It has a thick consistency that dissolves even the strongest bonds in seconds. Cream Remover is safe for natural lash hairs (no damage whatsoever!) and nontoxic. We love this product in our studio because it is easy to control and sanitary way to remove eyelash extensions. Due to its thick consistency, this cream remover does not run into the client’s eye the way liquid and gel removers do. When applied properly, does not cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Small, but still important tools, such as anesthetics, flocked applicators, micro-brushes pigment rings/cups and more, are always available on! Because these single-use items (for sanitary reasons), it is important to always keep them in stock. You never want to run out of essentials like these!

The good news is that the more you order, the more points you will earn. For salon owners and training schools, Eye Design’s online store also has a wholesale discount you can use anytime!

To get 10-percent off orders equal to or above $500 USD, use code 10off500. For 20-percent off orders equal to or above $1,000 USD, use code 20off1000. We want to make sure you workspace always has the proper tools and supplies on hand!

Even when you shop using the wholesale discounts, you will still earn points. We recommend all technicians or salon owners invest in Eyebrow Elixir using our wholesale discount. Offer this product to all of your semi-permanent brow clients at our suggested price to earn maximum revenue.

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