Practice semi-permanent makeup on artificial skin

Once you start learning semi-permanent makeup skills, you can quickly expand the range of services you offer your clients! Eye Design makes picking up new techniques stress-free and simple with artificial skin from our online shop.

Our talented and experienced team of technicians sourced the highest-quality materials when developing our faux skin. It is soft, ultra-realistic and easy to work with. (Plus, you can feel confident knowing it was hand-selected and approved by Nadia Afanaseva and the rest of our team!) Pigment rinses off easily for quick, fuss-free clean-up!

Did we mention that you always get your money’s worth when you choose Eye Design’s artificial practice skin? Both sides of every sheet are usable so you can continue creating beautiful looks after you have filled the front side. Sheets are 7.5 inches by 5.25 inches, which means you can fit six sets of life-size brows, 12 lips or a combination of both.

If you haven’t yet mastered the drawing process (this is the most challenging part of the process for many technicians), we encourage you to try our faux skin with pre-drawn shapes (brows, lips or both). Each sheet contains several different shapes that mimic real-life brow and lip shapes. Our goal is to create natural-looking results for all of our clients, and we want those who use our products to do the same!

Options to choose from include fully drawn eyebrows, as well as brows that gradually become more or less full. For those looking to practice specific skills, we have top and bottom hair strokes only and beginning of the brow segments. (Pro tip: Go for the combo pack if you need to brush-up on multiple skills.)

We also offer faux skin that is completely blank for more advanced practice. It is made from the same high-quality material and is the same size as our pre-patterned faux skin. This option is great for experienced technicians who want to practice at home. You can also use it to try new patterns of your own before you start using them on models and clients.

Eye Design founder and Master Tech Nadia uses blank sheets frequently to develop new techniques for our studio. After she feels confident in her results on faux skin, she then moves onto live models and soon after, offers it to our clients here at the studio. All of our successful semi-permanent beauty treatments get their roots on faux skin!

All of our artificial skins work beautifully with Eye Design’s family of pens, blades and pigments. We have tons of options to suit your preferences. Those who are new to the industry will enjoy our affordable pricing while they experiment with different tools to determine what they like and don’t like.

Nadia firmly believes that the best technicians always keep a student’s mindset throughout their careers. In addition to live training courses or at-home learning, this also includes tons of practice! We suggest technicians who are currently working take the time to create at least 10 sets of brows on artificial skin per week.

Of course, new or aspiring techs should practice more often--as much as they can! If you are completely new to microblading, Powder Effect or microshading for lips, you will want to start with our pre-drawn faux skin. These options have outlines that will help you as you learn and grow as an artist.

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