Give your clients the 'Snapchat Effect' with Eye Design's lash extensions

Lash artists worldwide can shop Eye Design’s online store for premium supplies at affordable prices! Our website is home to the widest range of eyelash extensions. We have various lengths, thicknesses and curls, as well as 12 beautiful colors (in addition to black). Our standard black lashes are rich in color and never look blue under any light.

All of our Luxury Collection eyelash extensions are made from premium-quality vegan materials that are hypoallergenic. We are a cruelty-free studio and supplier! Eye Design also offers a Silk Collection for technicians and clients who prefer the royal treatment. They are top-quality and safe for the eyes and skin.

With a huge variety of options, you can create endless eyelash styles for your clients. Our tools allow you to achieve something soft and subtle for clients who prefer a natural lash. Or, beauty professionals who are trained in Russian Volume techniques can create stunning results that transform their clients.

Eye Design’s latest lash look is known as the Snapchat Effect. Developed by our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, Eye Design’s Snapchat Effect mimics popular social media filters. It was inspired by ultra-glam Snapchat lenses that give wearers a unique lash look.

What if you could give your clients a set of photo-worthy eyelashes that stay on even when the camera’s off? That was Nadia’s goal when creating her Snapchat Effect lash extensions! Of course, she always uses Eye Design’s products to put this look together.

The best news is, you can give your clients an extremely similar lash look because all of Eye Design’s tools and supplies for beauty professionals are available to shop online! Our online store is open 24/7, so feel free to shop at your leisure. Whenever you are ready to score high-quality lash (and brow!) products at low prices, visit us at!

We ship worldwide and worked hard to find the most affordable shipping rates for all of our customers. (To learn more about Eye Design’s shipping rates, read our previous blog post!)

Our Snapchat Effect lash extensions, which Nadia developed after the popularity of her Kim’s Effect lashes, are a truly groundbreaking style. With a signature spikey look, our Snapchat Effect looks more like falsies than eyelash extensions. But because they are by Eye Design, rest assured each eyelash will be applied individually--not with a strip!

As a technician, patience is key when giving your clients their best eyelash extensions, and this is especially true for volume styles like Snapchat Effect. We recommend this technique for experienced technicians who have been practicing for six months to 1 year.

If you are not a practicing lash technician but want to learn, join us for our next Basic Lash Class with Eye Design’s Top Technician Anastasia! She is our studio’s most in-demand lash tech and an expert in all of Nadia’s techniques. Six months to a year later, you can come back for our Volume Lash Class. Nadia is known throughout the beauty industry as the first artist to bring Russian Volume techniques to the United States.

For lash supplies and more, visit Eye Design’s online store by clicking here.

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