Meet our new pigment thinner

The Eye Design team is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product: Pigment Thinner! We formulated Pigment Thinner to dilute our thick, gel-like Microblading Pigments.

While this product does lighten pigments’ color (which is especially noticeable after healing), it doesn’t change the hue or the undertones. Thanks to its ingredients, including skin-loving glycerin, as well as distilled water and ethanol, Pigment Thinner is completely colorless.

Alongside chemists and doctors, I designed our Microblading Pigments to have a gel-like consistency; they’re never runny. After years of frustration with liquidy mainstream semi-permanent makeup pigments, I knew the industry needed a thicker formula for microblading. I developed six base colors and four correction pigments that are perfect for creating crisp, hair-like strokes during the microblading technique.

However, semi-permanent makeup techniques, such as Eye Design’s Powder Effect, still require that liquid-like formula. So that our gorgeous Microblading Pigments are more suitable for Powder Effect (and other semi-permanent makeup), we created this Pigment Thinner.

Similarly, technicians who prefer to work with thinner pigments can also use this during microblading procedures. This is great for newbie techs who let the fear of too-dark results hold them back because our Thinner does dilute the color of the pigments. Remember: you can always darken your work at the touch-up appointment, but it is much more difficult to lighten dark pigment.

Another benefit to using Pigment Thinner? Less-pigmented variations of our Microblading Pigments also make your collection of colors exponentially more versatile.

A little goes a very long way with this product. Technicians can add 1 to 2 drops of Pigment Thinner to our pigments for microblading, or 3 to 5 drops for the ideal Powder Effect consistency. One tube has approximately 70 uses--rest assured we tested that ourselves!

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