Work faster with our Triple Manual Microblading Pen

Everyone knows that a technician’s quality of work sets her apart from the next, but what about her ability to deliver great results *and* work quickly?

Because we are all about efficiency at Eye Design, our practicing technicians have developed a range of tools to help you give your clients perfect brows in the shortest time possible; a favorite among Eye Design techs is the Triple Manual Microblading Pen. When you create microblading or semi-permanent makeup looks with this tool, we promise there will be no sacrifice to beauty, artistry or quality.

The Triple Pen’s versatility allows technicians to switch from microblading to powder/shading techniques mid-procedure, then back again! (We *looove* the Hybrid Effect at our Fifth Ave studio.)

No matter which type of needle (or needles!) you prefer, Triple Manual Microblading Pen can deliver! The crisscross end accommodates traditional needles, while the opposite end fits round needles, and one side completely detaches to reveal a third pen. This tool also fits double flat and U-shaped needles, among others, making many different manual techniques possible.

For those of you who like to switch needles or techniques often (or at least want to option to do so), this pen is an essential to keep in your toolkit day in and day out! Of course, Eye Design founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva is a big fan of our Triple Pen.

“I love to use Double Curve and Double Flat needles during manual Powder Effect procedures, and this pen is perfect for that!” she says.

With the Triple Pen in hand--literally!--there is no need for multiple different tools. Like all Eye Design’s product, our Triple Pen is super-durable, so feel free to continue practicing your hair pattern and eyebrow shape techniques as much as possible! (Did we mention our faux skin is perfect for that? Read everything you need to know about it in our previous blog post.)

Every brow tech should keep this multipurpose and lightweight tool on-deck  24/7. It allows you to quickly expand your skill set, making you a much more dynamic technician. Start working more efficiently today; click here to add our Triple Pen to your toolkit!

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