Pre-made volume fans: A helpful tool for all eyelash artists

Eye Design knows the all secrets to flawless lash application. Our extensions last four to six weeks or longer and do NOT harm your natural eyelashes. Perfecting the lash process can take years of experience, and eyelash appointments long and require tons of patience, especially for Russian Volume artists.

When we launched our Eye Design online store, our goal was to bring the best beauty products in the industry to technicians worldwide. Of course this includes all the tools and supplies we use daily at the Eye Design studio to make our job easier! One of our most-loved tricks is the application of pre-made volume fans.

Available in 2D, 3D and 4D, Eye Design’s pre-made volume fans come in your choice of C-, CC- or D-curl, as well as .07 or .10 thickness. Each pack comes with four different fan lengths: 10, 11, 12 and 13 millimeters. This allows for maximum versatility, along with extreme volume and beautiful length.

The average eyelash technician can perfect a handmade volume fan in approximately 2 to 3 months. While that is by no means an eternity, busier technicians or students techs may not have enough time to devote to this one particular technique at any given time. Eye Design offers an easy and safe solution to all lash artists!

Compared to other pre-made volume fans on the market, ours are extremely lightweight. They adhere comfortably to natural lashes of a similar length without causing breakage or weakening. During volume application, one fan is applied to one natural lash. This one-to-one ratio gives clients the gorgeous full volume they crave without sacrificing the health of their natural eyelashes.

Our ultra-thin lashes are dainty, delicate and airy, but eyelash artists should still be cautious. These are intended for placement on strong, full-grown lashes only! Pre-made lash fans should never be applied to “baby” lashes (i.e., lashes that have not yet reached full length and thickness). As a rule of thumb, Eye Design technicians only apply our pre-made lash fans to natural lashes of a similar length.

Volume fans are ideal for those with gaps in their lash line, as well as those who simply want to add more thickness to classic eyelash extensions. For completely customized looks, Eye Design’s pre-made volume fans can be applied between classic eyelash extensions (singles). This mix gives your clients natural-yet-glamorous results--similar to that of our signature Kim’s Effect technique.

Pre-made volume fans will help increase your productivity as a beauty professional! In fact, this tiny tool can speed-up the lash application process by up to 3 times your average time. They are easy to use, hold their curl and never change direction.

Technicians of all levels, from beginner to advanced, should keep Eye Design’s pre-made volume fans in stock at their studios 24/7. Lash artists who are new to the industry will find them extremely helpful; apply them to the simplest classic eyelash looks for an instant boost. This allows beginners to do more intense and dramatic lash styles for their clients, even if they are not ready to take a volume lash course or to begin volume training.

You will make your clients happy (and earn more money!) with a wider range of lash techniques thanks to our beautiful, lightweight and easy-to-use volume fans! Like the entire Eye Design line of products, our pre-made volume fans are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and high-quality. (And yes, we ship worldwide from!)

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