What customers have to say about our top 7 bestsellers

Technicians across the country--and even around the world--love our products. As a company, Eye Design prides itself on quality tools, pigments and lash extensions. When combined with the skills of our expert technicians, all of these products provide beautiful, long-lasting and life-changing results for Eye Design’s clients.

We want to share our knowledge with beauticians everywhere so that together, we can help all women feel more confident in their own skin. And that is exactly why every product utilized in our Fifth Avenue studio is available for retail online--down to the protective gowns and bedsheets!

To assist our fellow techs during the selection process, we rounded up our top five best-selling products and brought you all the amazing reviews previous customers left us.

Did your favorite Eye Design item make the list? Keep reading to find out--you may even discover a new essential.

(*Note: All reviews have been edited for style.)

12-pin Blade

“This is my absolute favorite needle grouping! I was certified by Nadia in New York in 2016--and I haven’t strayed from [Eye Design’s] needles! The packaging is phenomenal, the needles [are] excellent...and my order always arrives promptly. The needles are fine and easy to work with, and I’ve never had an issue with their quality!” - Meagan from Springfield, Missouri

“Good quality, well-packed… [this blade] is [my] most-used [during] eyebrow embroidery. It met all my expectations. Will buy again!” Victoria B. from Los Angeles, California

“[Eye Design] is the only company that provides clear description[s] of their products. I’m very new to microblading, and it is a great for me when it comes to choosing the right blade. I ordered a few sizes of blades, as well as [a] pink pen, and I like everything so far.” - Sarah from Dallas, Texas.

Platinum Adhesive for Lash Extensions (10 mL)

“Very strong glue! The retention is amazing! Lashes stay [on] for 4 to 6 weeks easily!” - Denise from Boston, Massachusetts

Eye Patches (Set of 10)

“Good quality, great product…I have been buying it for a long time.” - Mary from Boston, Massachusetts

“I buy these patches for the [technicians] in my salon often. They are easy to apply and easy to remove. The customers also say [that] they are very comfortable.” - Marc from Orlando, Florida.

“Great eye patches…They stay in place and don’t slide down when [the] customer blinks, [and] they have enough softness and moisture for a pleasant under-eye treatment.” - Ashley from Santa Barbara, California

Ultra Adhesive for Lash Extensions (10 mL)

“Love this glue...I have no problem at all with [it]. It [is] the best of [the] glue[s] that I have used so far. It stays [on] super-long. Some of my clients come back after 3 weeks, and the lash extensions are still on the eyes. [It is] my favorite glue now!” - Kimmy from Boston, Massachusetts

“Favorite product...This glue is everything I could ask for. It doesn’t dry fast on [the] palette, so I don’t have to constantly add more. I noticed that if I use [Eye Design lash extensions Primer] the attachment is stronger and dry time is super-fast.” - Lilian from San Diego, California

“This adhesive is high quality, and I haven’t had any problems using it.” - Lily from Stamford, Connecticut

“[It is] good for sensitive eyes, and [it] lasts much longer than [the] average sensitive glue.” - Lauren from San Diego, California

“Love this glue! I had a few clients who we could NOT find a glue that would not irritate or burn them. I saw this glue at my friend’s salon, and [I] thought I’d give it a try. So glad I did! My clients are thrilled, plus, unlike other sensitive glues, this one LASTS!” - Destiny from Doral, Florida

“Clients love [that] it [does not] burn their eyes!” - Tina M. from Huntington, New York

“It holds very well. Great glue for those who need a sensitive product!” - Danielle from Denver, Colorado

“Best adhesive on the market...I tried many [brands] before, but this adhesive is my favorite. There is no smell. It’s easy to work with, and lashes last [a] long [time]. One-day shipping to Chicago.” - Sofia from Chicago, Illinois

“Super...Great glue. I have been using [it] for 2 years now. No allergies and good attachment.” - Natasha from Chicago, Illinois

CC-Curl (10, 11, 12 & 13 mm)

“CC curl is my favorite curl. I use this curl on almost all my clients.” - Alicia from Sweden

“Favorites…[Eye Design] lashes are my favorite to use. I have tried different [brands] and none compare [to] the consistency of quality that I get from [Eye Design] beauty products. I highly recommend this brand to all of my lash artist colleagues!” - Amber from Austin, Texas

“Love it…Definitely the best product [on] the market! Very light, easy to peel off and [the] curl doesn’t change with wear. What else can I ask for?” Barbara from San Francisco, California

Primer for Lash Extensions

“I use this primer on all my clients [and] it's great! They don't have any problems with it being irritating to [their] eyes, and it definitely helps with better refill hold of new lashes or before a brand new set. [I] highly recommend this, and it lasts forever. I [only] put one small drop on the micro brush [each time I use it].” - Emma from Stamford, Connecticut

“Buy this primer if you want lashes to last longer. Before, I didn't use primer, and [the] glue didn't stick well...Invest in primer and your clients will be happy.” - Imani from Jamaica, New York

“Always use a primer before your lash sets! It cleans out the oils and dirt. [This product] doesn’t burn my clients eyes.” - Ling from Las Vegas, Nevada

Ultra Super for Lash Extensions (5 mL)

I love the adhesive and the lashes! I have been amazed at the improved time the lashes are lasting for my clients, and so are they!” - Kate from New York, New York

“My little helper…Can't say enough good things about this adhesive. It works super-fast and saves me time. Great attachment and no allergies.” - Sarah from Boston, Massachusetts

“Usually I do not write reviews, but some products are so cool that I just have to write a review! This glue dries very quickly--I repeat, very quickly! For someone who works fast, it's just a gift! And the lash extensions stay on very long! On some clients for more than two months! - Alexandra from Russia*

(*Note: This review was originally written in Russian and has been translated by our staff.)

“I've been doing eyelashes for over 3 years, and [I have] tried different products. This is my favorite glue ever. It works better than most expensive ones.” - Tanya from Brooklyn, New York

“I love this glue. I would recommend any salon or spa try this out! Easy to use and long-lasting.” - Amber from Tallahassee, Florida

“I have been using this black eyelash glue for over a year! My lashes stay on for 6 to 8 weeks! Amazing product. It does not burn after applications like others.” - Betsey from New Orleans, Louisiana

“Love this stuff. The drying time is so fast...so you have to be pretty quick, but it stays on for like 6 weeks, seriously.” - Orshi J. from Forest Hills, New York

“This is amazing glue for Volume [technicians]. Any [technician] who is fast should use it. Lashes don’t stick together. Fast-dry glue.” - Tiffany S. from Chicago, Illinois

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