Our calipers were designed based on a centuries-old mathematical formula

Eye Design’s technicians understand that drawing the perfect brows each and every time is the most difficult part of the process. That is why we developed a tool to help microblading and semi-permanent makeup artists all over the world.

In fact, our calipers have decreased founder and Master Technician Nadia’s drawing time from one hour or more to about 15 minutes! We want every tech and student tech to be able to work this efficiently, too. And thanks to the Golden Ratio, we can achieve gorgeous, natural-looking results in as little time as ever!

Our calipers open and close like a divider, and the ratio of the distance between the first, third and fourth points are always equal to the Golden Ratio: 1.618 to 1. Not only does this ensure that any brows you draw will always look symmetrical to one another, it also makes sure that they will work in harmony with all of the individual client’s other facial features.

Also known as the Golden Mean, the Divine Proportion and Phi, the Golden Ratio has been in use, according to some experts, for more than 2,000 years. Since 490 B.C.E., greats like Plato, Euclid and Leonardo da Vinci recognized the Golden Ratio and utilized it in some of their greatest philosophical, mathematical and artistic contributions to society.

Author Michael Rice even argues that the ancient Egyptians used the Golden Ratio to construct their famous pyramids, specifically the Great Pyramid of Giza, citing evidence from Gideon. Furthermore, John Taylor, a 19th century pyramidologist, notes that the ratio of length of the Great Pyramid’s face (inclined at a plane angle) and half the length of the side of its square base is equivalent to the Golden Mean.

While other influential figures, such as Howard Vyse, have their own evidence to support Rice’s claims, mathematician and historian Eric Temple Bell, among others, believes that there is no concrete evidence to support the ancient Egyptians had knowledge of the Golden Ratio, and that its presence in the Great Pyramid is merely a coincidence.

Because the Golden Ratio is considered aesthetically beautiful, it has been used well into the 20th and 21st centuries, not only in beauty, but in architecture, the fine arts, design, nature, optimization, perceptual studies and, of course, mathematics (especially geometry).

There is no such thing as a one-type-fits-all brow, but drawing the right brow for each client can be time-consuming and frustrating without knowledge of the Golden Ratio and a proper caliper. Although each client’s face is different, the Golden Ratio remains the same, making the caliper and extremely effective tool.

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