Create fluffy, feathery brows with our Sculpting Pen

At Eye Design we know the secret to creating the most realistic hair strokes has a lot to do with choosing the right tools. That’s why we developed a range of our own! While choosing one of our microblading pens is usually a matter of preference, there is one in particular that we designed for creating the most accurate and detailed look at the beginning of the brows. Enter: Eye Design’s Sculpting Pen.

All of our technicians are detail-oriented (more like, detail-obsessed). If you’ve ever seen a full set of natural brows up-close, you probably noticed that there is a point where the hairs stop growing outwards and start growing upwards. These vertical, straight up-and-down hairs at the beginning of the brow are known throughout the beauty community affectionately as “sprouts.”

These hairs tend to be thinner and more sparse than the rest of the eyebrow, giving those with naturally full brows somewhat of a gradient look. So, replicating natural “sprouts” exactly is essential to natural-looking brows for all our clients. (That’s why the ombré look of Powder Effect is so popular!)

To make the process much easier, Eye Design created the Sculpting Pen, a must-have for every microblading and semi-permanent makeup tech. In addition to being ideal for extremely precise microblading, especially at the beginning of the brow, Sculpting Pen is also great for creating that ombré look during Powder Effect. Because it has a unique crisscross entry for round soft-shading needles.

This durable and reusable pen has a comfortable, easy-to-hold design that makes it the perfect tool for beginners and veteran techs alike. You will love how effortless creating fluffy, feathery “sprouts” feels with our Sculpting Pen. Click here to shop!

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