Elevate your client experience with Eye Design's Golden Tweezers

Lash artists worldwide trust Eye Design for their tools and supplies. After all, the expert 

technicians in our Fifth Avenue studio use the same exact products every single day, and our Golden Tweezers are no exception!

Eye Design’s most in-demand eyelash artists, including Top Techs Anastasia and Irina, constantly reach for all four variations of our Golden Tweezers: Axe Volume, Straight, 90°-angled and C-shaped. The luxurious high-shine finish definitely is not all our Tweezers have to offer -- made with high-quality medical-grade steel, they are heavy-duty and extremely durable.

Our Golden Tweezers have excellent tension to assure artists that even the tiniest individual eyelash extensions will not slip through the tip. All four styles are designed to rest perfectly in the hand, so as an artist, you can pick up the thinnest lash extensions with ease. Lash artists who use Eye Design’s Golden Tweezers never waste time struggling to find a comfortable working position while applying extensions. And because you will be 100 percent comfortable while working with Eye Design’s Golden Tweezers, you will be less likely to make mistakes!

For salon owners and beauty professionals who want their workspace to look and feel ultra-luxurious, Eye Design’s Golden Tweezers are an easy way to upgrade any size studio. Your clients will love feeling like VIPs at every lash appointment -- and you will love that it keeps them coming back for more!

Do you have a particular tweezer style you prefer to use? Eye Design has four options for you to choose! If you are a beginner and unsure which style would be best for you, or if you are an experienced artist struggling with the style you are currently using, continue reading for detailed explanations of each option Eye Design has to offer! (Remember that we ship worldwide and have everyday wholesale discounts for those who order in bulk. Click here to learn how you can save when you spend $500 or more.)

Axe Volume

Axe Volume tweezers are a must-have for every Russian Volume eyelash technician. Use the Axe Volume tweezers to achieve beautiful results for every client when applying 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D volume and beyond.


Due to their unique ability to separate individual brow and lash hairs, Straight tweezers are ideal for the most precise application of extensions. They are a great go-to for any lash volume or style. Eye Design’s talented and experienced technicians recommend that every lash artist has a pair of Straight tweezers -- this style is especially important for beginners, as well!


Developed for eyelash separation during the Russian Volume technique, 90°-angled tweezers simplify the application process. For artists working with any lash volume styles 3D+, a pair of 90°-angled tweezers is a necessity.


When technicians are having an especially difficult time separating their clients’ natural eyelashes, they should always reach for their C-shaped tweezers. The unique contours of our C-shape tweezers maximize the separation of lashes to allow for easy application of the fullest volume fans.

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