International shipping in just TWO DAYS with Eye Design!

Eye Design is proud to ship our high-quality products worldwide at affordable rates! Our online store provides beauty professionals with premium tools and supplies at a cost that will never drain your wallet.

For orders placed within the United States, we offer complimentary shipping over $99.99 USD (with complimentary expedited rates over $199.99 and $299.99).

All orders placed before 4 p.m. EST are processed and shipped the same day. Orders placed after 4 p.m. EST will generally be processed and shipped the next business day. International packages are always shipped via DHL.

Our expert team chose to ship with DHL because they offer the best service. On average, Eye Design’s international customers receive their orders in only two business days, with the majority of international shipments arriving in four days! Quality products delivered internationally in less than a week? You can’t beat it!

We are a global distributor of top-notch products for permanent makeup and lash artists. All of our tools and supplies are unique! No other retailer carries Eye Design’s products, which always meet the beauty industry’s highest safety standards.

Everything available through was either developed or hand-picked by Nadia Afanaseva, Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician. Nadia is the industry’s leading lash and brow expert. She worked alongside top chemists, doctors and manufacturers to create and find the best products for herself, her team and beauty professionals worldwide! The entire team at our Fifth Avenue studio uses the same products available on our website every single day.

In addition to the Eye Design studio in Midtown East, Manhattan, Nadia is the owner of Eye Design University (home to professional training workshops for both aspiring and experienced beauty professionals) and the Eye Design online store. 

When Nadia first began her career in the beauty industry, she struggled to find high-quality and effective products on the existing market. Years of frustration led her to do her own research. With the help of doctors, chemists and other beauty experts, Nadia found the perfect range of products. Eye Design’s tools and supplies are carefully tailored to meet the needs of every lash and brow artist. Nadia and her entire team are so happy to share them with beauty professionals across the world!

Now, Eye Design’s products are used and recognized globally by leading artists at renowned beauty salons. We worked hard to make our microblading, permanent makeup and lash tools, supplies and accessories affordable for all artists--without sacrificing their superior quality! Technicians who are just starting out in the industry can enjoy the same premium products as beauty masters.

Supplies developed by Nadia herself include:

  • Eye Design’s mineral-based, hypoallergenic Microblading + Powder Effect Pigments
  • Our skin-loving Pigment Thinner
  • The all-natural Eyebrow Elixir
  • New! Eye Design’s first-ever makeup product, our Eyebrow Pencil

Microblading Pigments and Powder Effect Pigments are currently available in a total of 12 beautiful base shades, as well as four correction colors. It has a first-of-its-kind gel formula that heals under the skin without running or becoming blurry. Our Eyebrow Pencil is available in three adaptable shades to suit any skin tone and has a water-resistant, smudge-proof wax-based formula!

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