Once you try our eyelash extensions primer, you'll never go back!

As a working technician, I worked tirelessly to develop a high-quality range of products and tools; everything is innovated with 5-star results in mind.

The products and tools you use when applying eyelash extensions to a client are just as important as the lashes themselves. I want every technician to give clients their dream lashes; not only do you have to make her feel beautiful, the extensions have to last!

Of course, I created our range of high-quality adhesives with this in mind, but I also have another secret for long-lasting, luscious lashes: Primer. Our whole team swears by it, and we never treat a lash extensions client without it.

Eye Design’s Primer for Eyelash Extensions preps the natural lashes for extensions by removing dirt, oils and residual makeup so you (the technician) has a clean surface for application; this also helps reduce the already-small risk of irritation for the client.

Additionally, Primer also significantly helps extensions last longer by creating a stronger bond with adhesives. This product works with adhesives to make them more effective so lash extensions get a boost in duration and wear.

“I use this primer on all my clients [and] it's great! They don't have any problems with it being irritating to [the] eyes and it definitely helps with better refill hold of new lashes or before a brand new set. Highly recommend this... It lasts forever,” Emma from Stamford, Connecticut writes in her five-star review on Primer.

“Buy this primer if you want lashes to last longer. I didn't use primer [before] and glue didn't stick well...Invest in primer and your clients will be happy,” Imani from Jamaica, New York adds alongside another five-star review.

Eye Design prides itself on superior craftsmanship, and our lash extensions--and Primer--are no exception to that. Not only do our lashes look more natural than others, they lasts weeks longer; the average is between four and seven weeks! We have over 25,000 happy clients who can testify that our lash extensions are the best they’ve ever had. It is just one of the many reasons so many keep coming back to our studio.

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