Show your lower lashes some love with Eye Design's lower lash extensions

Few beauty lovers realize that lower lash extensions are definitely doable. In fact, we do them right here in our Fifth Ave studio! (After all, it’s our life’s work to keep you looking flawless. Thank us later.)

We love lower lash extensions at Eye Design; we believe this service is one of the many things that makes us so unique. It’s another one of our 5-star procedures, but we happen to be one of the few NYC salons that actually do it.

Kim’s Effect is our signature, but have you seen our lower lash extensions? They go together perfectly! This is because fuller bottom lashes balance out and complete your swoon-worthy top lash extensions. Makes sense, right?

Our expert team is the only one you should trust with your pretty face! Not only do we stay on top of trends--Founder and Master Tech Nadia was the first in the industry to offer Kim’s Effect--we do so with the best-of-the-best techniques and top-of-the-line products. Did you know Kim’s Effect is Eye Design’s exclusive lash extensions style? Our studio is the only place in the world you can get the original.

Just like our upper lash extensions, our bottom lash lashes won’t harm your natural hair whatsoever. How many other salons can say that?!

Like all our world class procedures, lower lash extensions look completely natural, so you get that #iwokeuplikethis look for which you come to us in the first place!

Lower lash extensions are such an easy way to enhance your eyes and your features overall. Plus, they are ideal for special occasions--especially if you’re a cryer (it’s ok, we are, too)! Absolutely no need for mascara means no running makeup when the waterworks start to flow (think: that wedding you have coming up--maybe it’s your own).

They are truly the perfect touch IRL and in pictures, whether you have a professional photographer or you’re a self-proclaimed selfie queen! No Facetune necessary, we promise.

Give us a call at (917) 300-0317, or ask about lower lash extensions at your next Eye Design appointment. Our friendly and informed staff is always here to help you be your brightest, most confident self--and we think bottom lash extensions will help you get there!

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