Students, remember to use your discount to save on microblading supplies!

Eye Design University alumni receive a lifetime 10 percent discount on our online store,! Online you can find hundreds of must-have products for beauty professionals, all hand-selected by the talented and experienced technicians at Eye Design. These products are the exact same ones we use on clients every single day at our Fifth Avenue studio.

We worked hard to find and develop the best tools and supplies in the industry, all while bringing them to beauty professionals worldwide at an affordable price. As a special thank-you to our loyal Eye Design University graduates, we offer a temporary, week-long 20 percent discount the week following our Microblading and Powder Effect MasterClasses (available for graduates of that class only).

Additionally, we offer a lifetime 10 percent discount to *all* Eye Design University grads, to be used anytime, anywhere.

Our products are already affordable, but with the alumni discount, hardworking technicians can save even more!

For microblading and semi-permanent makeup artists, we have:

  • Blades: Eye Design proudly carries blades to create hair strokes from short and wispy to long and full. We also have blades for manual Powder Effect application.
  • Pens: A pen to suit every blade and every technician’s preference!
  • Machine tools: For full Powder Effect procedures, Eye Design technicians use a small machine tool. It is easy to use with a comfortable ergonomic design. Ours has seven speeds and comes with EO gas-sterilized disposable needle cartridges and strong, transparent packaging. We recommend this tool for all technicians, including beginners.
  • Pigments: 6 base shades and 4 correction colors for microblading + 6 base shades for Powder Effect (micro-shading/brow shading/ombré brows/shadow effect) all mineral-based and hypoallergenic
  • Measuring tools: Rulers that form to clients’ faces and 4-point calipers
  • Disposable supplies: Everything you need to keep your clients clean, including micro-brushes, mascara brushes, pigment rings and cups, protective gowns and bedsheets.

For eyelash extensions, we have:

  • Individual lashes: Cruelty-free, hypoallergenic eyelash extensions of various lengths, curls and thicknesses! On, you can also find our luxurious Royal Silk lash collection, as well as a wide variety of colored lashes (everything from vivid jewel tones and bright primary colors to natural browns).
  • Adhesives: From a sensitive formula for your most finicky clients to our signature Platinum formula for long-lasting results, Eye Design has all the adhesives you need for flawless lash application.
  • Primer: To prep the lashes for extensions, they need to be completely clean. Our Primer rids the hair and skin of dirt, oils and residual makeup!
  • Tweezers: Precise application isn’t possible without tweezers. We have six different shapes, all made of durable and luxurious materials. They have excellent tension to assure that the eyelash extensions do not slip through the tip. They are designed to rest perfectly in the technician’s hand so you can pick up even the smallest, thinnest extensions easily, and are a necessary tool for both classic and Russian volume lash artists.
  • Eye patches & disposable supplies: All lash artists need eye patches, microfoam tape, mascara brushes and more, plus protective gowns and bedsheets, in order to keep themselves, their clients and their workspace clean. 

Ready to redeem your student discount? Click here to shop the entire selection on! 

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