Which Powder Effect Pigment is right for my client?

Earlier this year, Eye Design welcomed six stunning new Powder Effect Pigments to our range of tools and supplies for beauty professionals. Have you had the chance to try any of them yet? 

Unhappy with the results from pigments that were already on the market, Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva set-out to develop her own Microblading Pigments. Alongside chemists and doctors, Nadia created a mineral-based formula with a unique gel texture. After many years of success, Nadia went back to the lab to mix up Powder Effect counterparts! 

Our Microblading Pigments are available in six beautiful base shades (as well as four correction colors): Caramel, Cappuccino, Coffee, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Espresso, Yellow/Olive, Orange, Ivory and Black. So, we did the same for our Powder Effect Pigments. And just like our Microblading range, our Powder Effect Pigments can be mixed amongst each other in infinite ways to create colors as unique as your clients!

Because Nadia is an expert in the industry, all of Eye Design’s Pigments were developed with the healing process in mind. Any true artist knows that pigments change as they heal under the skin. While our Pigments may look extremely similar to one another in their bottles, we assure you that each heals differently and combines with your body’s chemistry for a shade that suits you perfectly.

We created both our Microblading and our Powder Effect Pigments with *all* clients in mind! That means that there is a shade (or two!) to suit every skin tone and undertone, even the most unique. Powder Effect is a technique that is suitable for all skin tones and skin types, and our Pigments definitely reflect that!

If you are unsure when to use which Pigment(s), keep reading to learn the ins and outs of each color.

Taupe Sand

Taupe Sand is a light pigment suitable for pale skin that has cool undertones. It is also the best option for clients with gray hair. 

This shade has an olive base, which helps mask old microblading or permanent/semi-permanent makeup that has turned red. Because the Powder Effect technique can be used to cover old work that has faded, a number of our Powder Effect Pigments were developed with this in mind.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye works best for light skin that has neutral undertones. It can sometimes heal with a warm undertone, especially on thin skin.

Smoked Topaz

Smoked Topaz is a yellow-based pigment for light to medium skin. It works for all undertones, and can also be used to mask old microblading or permanent/semi-permanent makeup that has turned blue.

Burnt Umber

Burnt Umber is a warm pigment with an orange base for light to medium skin with warm undertones. It can also mask old microblading or permanent/semi-permanent makeup that has turned green.

Brown Diamond

Brown Diamond is for dark to deep skin tones that have warm, neutral or cool undertones.

Rich Onyx

Rich Onyx is for dark to deep skin tones. It heals cool-toned and mixes beautifully with Burnt Umber.

To shop our entire range of Microblading and Powder Effect Pigments, visit eyedesignstore.com!

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