Are these all individual lashes or the strip?

These are individual lashes

Can I use the same lashes for classic application and volume?

Yes, you can do that; just make sure to choose the right thickness for volume

Does each eyelash tray come with the special glue?

The glue must be purchased separately. We recommend using glue by NM Beauty for better attachment and longer wear

Are these made of animal (natural mink) fur?

All our eyelashes are made of synthetic fiber that does not cause allergy

Are natural mink lashes better than synthetic fiber ones?

We developed NM Beauty synthetic lashes to have the same natural look as mink lashes. Natural mink lashes tend to loose curl quicker (especially when using the sauna or during high weather temperatures). Natural mink lashes come in different length on one strip and tend to band easily, therefore, are harder to work with. Our synthetic fiber lashes remain its original form and direction which makes them ideal for volume application

Are all lashes the same?

NM Beauty eyelash extensions come in various length, thickness, color and curl. We recommend for each professional technician to purchase variety of eyelash tray sets to better match their customers’ needs and requests

What are natural mink lashes?

Natural mink lashes are premium lashes, which are delicate, soft and give closest to the natural effect. NM Beauty natural mink eyelashes will be available for purchase on our website soon. Mink eyelashes are not recommended for customers with animal fur allergies

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. Please click this link for more info 

Which eyelash glue is better?

Ultra Super Glue is designed for technicians who are super fast in eyelash application ( glue dries in approximately 1 second) and those who have perfect humidity and temperature conditions in their salon. ( Humidity 50-70%, temperature not higher 72 F ) Ultra Glue is used when we cannot achieve desired humidity and temperature requirements; it also has slower drying time (2-3 seconds) Eye Design studio technicians use both types of glue

I always loved your glue but now it looks different and is not working as well as before. Why?

Recently, we changed the design of all NM Beauty products, however, none of the formulas were changed. Your glue is probably not working as before because of weather and humidity change. For best adjustment please follow temperature and humidity requirements ( Humidity 50-70%, temperature not higher 72 F )

Is your glue latex-free ?

Yes, it is

For how many clients each tray of eyelashes lasts ?

One tray is usually good for 4-10 sets depending on application

What’s the difference between regular and mixed trays ?

In regular tray all individual lashes are the same in thickness, color, curl and length. Mixed trays vary in length, however, the same in curl and thickness. Please read product description for every item carefully before purchase

How long can I store my glue for?

If stored properly, glue can last ( be kept in storage ) for several months. It is recommended to make purchases frequently versus purchasing bulk and storing it for months. (All closed containers must be kept inside the refrigerator )

What is the difference between C, CC, LC & D lashes ?

The difference is in curl. Click here to see the eyelash chart

Should I store the glue that I opened in the fridge ?

Open glue containers must be kept in a cool place but not refrigerated . The frequent jump of temperatures between refrigerator and salon may weaken the ingredients of the glue

I share salon space with hair stylist, I’ve heard it is bad for eyelash applications

We recommend to separate the existing room, chemicals from hairsprays and hair coloring may lower the bond between false and natural lash. It causes the glue to dry quicker

Do I have to use primer?

Primer removes the excess of oils, make up and dust from natural eyelashes. It helps to create a stronger bond and longevity.

What remover (gel, liquid, cream) is safer ?

Liquid remover is the most dangerous since it can get into the eye of the client easily. Cream remover is recommended over gel because of its thicker consistency. Cream remover is also safe for removing clusters.