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Nadia Afanaseva recommends using 0.05mm thicknes for eyelash extensions when creating extreme volume or very dramatic effect. With NM Beauty ultra thin 0.05  lashes you can make fans of up to 8 lashes and they won’t push down natural lash nor will close the eye if you select the right curl and length. According to Nadia, you can also use 0.05mm ultra thin eyelash extensions for customers who are seeking very natural volume (3-4 lashes) effect. The lashes need to be applied approximately 1 mm from the skin. Make sure to use just enough glue to hold the fans together and secure the attachment to natural lash. In any case, glue should not touch the skin. Always choose high quality lashes and adhesives to reduce risk of allergies, safe natural lashes, prolong wear and make your customers come back for more !!!

Extreme & Natural Volume Effect Using The Thinnest Eyelash Extensions Available!

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0.05mm thicknes for eyelash extensions are currently the thinnest lashes available in the market. These lashes are ultra thin, however, just thick enough to keep the original curl and direction. Be sure to use the best quality lashes as cheaper brands from overseas might have 0.05mm label but be in fact much thicker. Low quality lashes at this thickness will not keep the curl throughout eyelash extension wear; it is important to choose quality manufacturer to provide your client with supreme eyelash extensions.

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cherene fenelus September 8 2016

can u tell me when these lash will be available pls

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