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0.15mm thickness for eyelash extensions are used for classic eyelash extensions. Classic application is a method of applying one individual lash on top of one natural lash. 0.15mm thickness should not be used for volume as the weight of 0.15mm thickness for eyelash extensions is greater and when used in fans may damage and push natural lash. When properly applied individually 0.15mm thick eyelash extensions are absolutely safe.

How to Achieve Natural Effect With Thick Eyelash Extensions

thick eyelash extensions thick natural lashes effect
Always choose eyelash extensions that have natural effect tip finish, especially with 0.15mm thickness. For example, if you look at NM Beauty's  lash extensions you will see that lash becomes thinner closer to the tip; this creates effect of a natural eyelash which is very important in classic eyelash application. Never cut 0.15mm thickness eyelash extensions from the tip; it is better to remove the lash if it is too long and replace it with appropriate length.
Always remember to use quality eyelash glue and apply an individual lash approximately 1 mm from the base. Make sure to choose correct curl and length to meet your customers request and at the same time protect natural lashes

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Leila B. September 16 2015

Can I use this for volume ? They look super thin.

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