Most Popular Eyelash Extensions Thickness, Length and Curl

Students often ask us what are the most popular eyelash extensions by thickness, length and curl. The answer is - CC 0.07 12mm. C curl is the most natural looking and D curl is a bit more dramatic. Therefore, CC curl is recommended for most of the customers as it allows to open up the eye without looking artificial. When choosing from thicknesses of 0.15, 0.10, 0.07 & 0.05 most technicians favor 0.07 thickness as it is ideal for both volume or natural 2D effect . 12 mm length suits majority of clients looking for either natural or glamorous application.

CC 0.07 12 mm eyelash extensions are often mixed with 11, 10, 9 & 8mm lashes during natural and glamour sets. They are also mixed with 13 & 14 mm lashes during dramatic eyelash application, which makes this length the most often used in eyelash extensions application.

NM Beauty CC 0.07 12 mm lashes are made of synthetic fiber that does not have blue hue. These rich, pure black lashes are soft and natural looking. The curl and direction always remain the same during both application and wear, which makes NM Beauty lashes one of the most desirable product by leading masters from all over the world.

12 mm length is usually used as a base length (covers biggest area during application) by many technicians which makes CC 0.07 12 mm lashes one of the most often purchased item on our website .

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Claudia Chavarria January 10 2022

Hello I am currently a student, to become a lash artist. I am very excited exploring all of my options in the market at the moment. Learning about this fascinating world of lashes!!Thank you for your time.

Susanna May 17 2017

Hi what is the longest length of eyelash set you can give ?

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